Energy Walked into a Room…


We all know the joke: A man walked into a bar…. he said, “Ouch.”

Well, the same holds true for when our energy enters a room. It speaks for us. Hopefully what our entrance energy says is much less painful than that of the man and the bar in the joke.

Keep in mind as you step into each space that your confidence, joy, sadness, insecurity, positivity, energy, or exhaustion debut just as you do.

Don’t let the energy you expel zap others.

Put meaningful purpose into the energy you parade around today. Let the power you output be a positive charge for those whom you meet, love, and work. Amp up your actions and words with a force that allows others to feel recharged.

If your running low on positive energy today, it’s okay. Take some time to refuel and refresh. We can’t all run full force all the time.

“Your energy introduces you before you even speak.”

Be someone who’s energy speaks of love, strength, and determination.

Introduce yourself in a way that attracts and inspires others when you can. Be honest with your energy and clear in what you need to keep going. It’s okay to be exhausted. It’s okay to be feisty. It’s okay to be shy. It’s not okay to be the one who generates an atmosphere of “Ouch.”

“Your energy introduces you before you even speak.”

Get going with your energy. Spark conversation or seek support for your sizzle. Fire up the fizzle with your intent and let the world meet you with the truest and strongest enthusiasm you can muster. Let your spark speak for you. Let your energy enter with exuberance or honest exhaustion. Let your energy be the thing that ignites others to action with or without your words.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. The man in the joke was probably just out of juice when he ran into the bar… maybe it was a juice bar…


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