You Are Enough – Wise Words Wednesday

You are Enough – Wise Words Wednesday via Daily Prompt: Value


Often the greatest struggle in life is finding value in ourselves. I know I find it a lot easier to give compliments than to recieve them. Why is that?

Why do we question our own value? How is it that we find loving ourselves to be so hard to do. Clearly, we are loveable.

Here are the wise words for you to put into effect in your life:

You are Enough

You are one of God’s unique and valuable creations. You are special, talented, smart, and priceless.

If you ever doubt your worth or your ability to live up to expectations, remember: You are Enough.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. This might have been a little bit of a personal pep talk, but it is one we can all benefit from.


9 thoughts on “You Are Enough – Wise Words Wednesday

  1. Melanie, I am going to give you a compliment because I always enjoy reading your blogs. You very talented in knowing how to express yourself when you write–not everyone is able to do that (meaning me). You think of the simplest things and then write this amazing blog on it–they are interesting and remarkable. Keep up the good work!
    Love you, aunt Mary Ann

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  2. Well there you go….I resemble that post very much…taking a compliment is really hard. Not sure why, do I not believe the person? Does my esteem rest so grim that it can’t process it? Enough indeed! Now you have made me ponder once again.

    Excellent post Melanie. And keep it up. Why? Because you are brilliantly wonderful 😊

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    1. Gary, you float my boat. I know you work hard to produce quality literature and it is scary for you to share it, but your words are successful and insightful. You always make me think. I am so grateful for your feedback!

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      1. I consider you one of my best blogging friends, one of my originals who took time when I started to say hello and offer support. You just did all that again by the way and I really appreciate that! I’ve been asked to do the quote challenge again and having been here I thought about basing it around mindfulness. Don’t be alarmed if I nominate you again too. You have much to offer everyone with insights in this area too!

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      2. Bah, you know my inner angst at my own words. Really should start listening to people and evidence why I don’t think the same. You have a very kind hear you know 😊

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