Saturday Morning Coffee

Saturday Morning Coffee

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Parenthood, elections, and gratitude seem to be the three themes that have ruled my thoughts this week.

Parenthood: Worrying if I am a “good-enough” mom swarms my brain almost hourly. My munchkins know just how to push my buttons and I often find myself saying brash or sarcastic comments. Neither brashness or sarcasm are qualities that I want to dominate my children’s personalities, so I fret and worry over how damaging my words have been and I work hard to heal any emotional bruises made my by short temper.

My very good friend Kim assures me that I am doing just fine.

Kim says, “Do you know how I know you are a good mom? Because you actually worry about being a good mom. Moms that don’t care about their kids, don’t worry about being a good parent.” She is so right! In answer to my fears Wednesday, I shared “You are Enough,” I think all “good parents” should know they are enough.

Elections: The best quote applicable to many of the upcoming elections was stated by Edmund Burke, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Too many “good” people are afraid to step up and lead our communities, states, and country because of the horrible, scrutinizing affair that has become our election process. If we want a kinder, more compassionate government that uses common sense policies to benefit the greater cause, we are going to have to quit sensationalizing the individuals who have the greatest shock value and turn our focus on those who are willing to serve in office and shine with an honest, honorable light. If the light shone is honest and honorable, it will fail to illuminate those who do not possess those qualities. They will not be able to stand the brilliance of the upright.

Gratitude: Gratitude is one of my favorite topics to ponder. I LOVE sending Thank You cards and committing acts to show my thankfulness for others. Ashamed, I am working on my November Positivity Challenge. My shame comes from the fact that I have not drafted a positivity challenge since July. Where does time go????!? As you can imagine, the November Interntergy Challenge will be all about gratitude. Fire up your gratitude journals, you are going to want them for next month and hopefully longer.

Thank you for sharing my Saturday Morning Coffee with me. I hope you have found common ground or different (hopefully positive) insight into things that have been on your mind as well.

Put your energy and intent into having a terrific day!

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. It took 2 cups of coffee to write this post.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee

  1. Hmmm, my quip based brain has contemplated a tongue in cheek did you write this because you needed two cups of large caffeine based fluids and writing was a goodly excuse to do so? Obviously I don’t mean that 😊
    Great post Melanie, parenting is a fascinating one…as your friend points out if you are questioning that you might not be then de facto you are a good parent. It’s the ones that don’t that have the potential to miss things or not challenge what they are doing and why.

    My eldest caught me out at the age of six when he asked “Are you saying no because you can’t be bothered?” I can’t recall exactly what it was in reference to, but as a comment to make me think it was a genius one. How often do we say no, simply because we are on call all the time and in that moment we are having a break or time out and no has escaped because we don’t want to do something rather than engaging it differently. Or is that just me?? 😱

    On elections and politicos…yes, well, I shal not issue me thoughts on this subject because I am apt to ramble on for ages and use words like selfish, bigoted, halfwits… I will shove the soap box back into the cupboard.

    Gratitude is a much better subject. Kindness challenge really tapped me into thinking about that earlier in the year. I’d love to do yours, but I’m engaging in NaNoMoWri in November so I’m time constrained…I have no idea where I am going to find time to write 50,000 words and be a ‘yes, OK’ parent 😱

    Great post my friend 😊

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  2. NO! You are definitely NOT a good enough parent to raise children to know and love God, overcome their sinful nature and live a godly life. PS–NONE of us are. However, God is and give us the resources (and capacity) we need to allow Him to get the job done through us. Ain’t He good? Hand in there, mom, and don’t let Satan rake you over the coals. Blessings!

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