Modern Day Vampires – They Don’t Want Your Blood

Modern Day Vampires – They Don’t Want Your Blood


I LOVE Halloween and everything that goes with it! Halloween parties, costumes, haunted houses, candy, all of it! I really, really like Halloween!

Vampires are no exception. I have always found the idea of vampires to be quite intriguing.

A few years ago the History Channel did a series of shows on historical haunting topics. One episode was on vampires. It was very informational and really creepy.

Learning about past vampire societies and practices fascinated me. I found their ideologies to be quite disturbing, but at least they had justifiable reasons behind their desire to take life from others. They believed taking the life blood from others would give them power to live stronger and longer. It was like a Gothic fountain of youth.

Some of the most interesting information in the episode was about modern day vampires. One of the vampire sociologists explained that today, vampires steal the vitality of others, not through drinking of blood, but rather through absorbing their victim’s energy. They, the modern day vampires, steal the energy by draining the victim’s spirit and vitality. This draining will not kill the victim but will diminish their motivation and inner drive without them even knowing. Fascinating!

When this episode aired, I was working with a group of individuals who exhausted me every minute, of every hour, of every day. They were my modern day vampires and they probably didn’t even know it. (I think.?.)

Do you have any modern day vampires in your life? Do you have anyone who drains you emotionally, physically, mentally? Do you know someone who darkens your spirit when you see their name on the caller id or when you hear their voice? Are you aware of someone who steals your inner drive and gumption with their words and actions?

Did you know you don’t have to let energy vampires be a part of your life?

While the vampire specialists assured viewers that modern day vampires are few and far between, I had already started devising my plan to ward off those energy suckers in my life. I knew a crucifix, Β garlic, and a stake aimed at any hearts that neared me would not be appropriate for my daily life, so I armed myself with an invisible shield.

My invisible shield consisted of two things: humor and love.

First, I had to laugh at the idea of vampires all around me and acknowledge how silly I was being. I used my sense of humor to fight back their hurtful and vitality-damaging words and actions. I laughed in the face of drama and did my best to bring joy to those who were feeling the energy drain too.

Love. Loving myself enough to not let those vitality vampires drain me was the key to survival. I had to devise pep talks and positivity strategies that would ward off the effects of their whining, weakness, and negativity. I had to love those around me enougth to show that tenacity for living comes from within and our vibrancy doesn’t have to be dimmed by the dark thoughts and words of those who can’t find the light through happiness. The love I shared and received that year from my colleagues and students transformed all of us. I can honestly say that some of those vampires came to the good side and the negative-strength of the other life suckers was diminished because of the love that was demonstrated. (No garlic or crucifixes were needed. I am positive no stakes were driven through any hearts.)

If you have a vitality-sucking vampire in your life, I hope you will find the love and strength to separate yourself from their influences or to love them to a lighter side of life. Keep your energy. Direct your intent. Love with light and strength. Eat candy.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Be safe this Halloween!



5 thoughts on “Modern Day Vampires – They Don’t Want Your Blood

  1. Love it and my word association tune for is is Bullet with Butterfly Wings by the Smashing Pumpkins (very seasonal and on topic) whose opening line is The World is a vampire….

    I find big business and banks are vampires too…sucking your fiscal resources away with rubbish and must haves…I could soap box that one….all “sent to drain.”

    But the concept of modern day mood vampires is compatible with my own views on toxic people…these are the ones whose very presence starts agitation…you could say that’s when your aura starts bleeding out. Palpitations if the phone sounds and the number shown is that one, or a message that impacts mood as you never quite know what’s going to greet you….

    Wonderful post Melanie and thought provoking 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Why, thank you my blogging friend 😊 Although, from a society perspective it is most disturbing to find monsters in our midst. Perhaps it is up to the blogosphere to begin combating this untoward turn of events!

        Liked by 1 person

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