The Word is Near You – Wise Words Wednesday

The Word is Near You – Wise Words Wednesday


Kids say the darndest things. They make these comments out of honesty and innocence (in most cases). While we usually disregard their observations as off-the-wall, we need to remember what our children say is a reflection of what they hear.

Recently some very angry words have come from the mouths of children in my life. Those angry words were directed at candidates of political races. It saddened me to hear them speak of any human being in such a manner, but it was particularly troubling because they spoke those words with complete honesty and comfort.

They were comfortable calling grown-ups, whom they don’t even know, names and accusing those adults of horrible things. The kids at school were verbally and emotionally angry with anyone who differed in their views about who should be elected. Their passion was admirable, but their hatred and distaste was unnerving.

As you speak in front of your children, please remember we are all God’s creation. We are all called to love one another. Most of the time our words really are near and dear to what we hold in our hearts. Please guide your heart and words to be loving and compassionate.

Putting energy into kindness and appreciation for all humanity will foster love and compassion in our children (and maybe even some other adults). If you have charity and gratitude in your words and actions, what you speak and do will generate greater respect for all you encounter. “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart.”A loving mouth is a true reflection of a holy heart.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I know this verse from Romans is referring to words we speak about our faith in God, but I believe it transcends into all that we say and do.


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