The Creative Power of the Unknown – Wise Words Wednesday

The Creative Power of the Unknown – Wise Words Wednesday


The personal philosophies found in the This I Believe collection continue to amaze me. One that stood out to me in particular this week came from astrophysicist Alan Lightman.

In his personal philosophy he wrote, “I hope that there are always things we don’t know about the physical world as well as about ourselves. I believe in the creative power of the unknown. I believe in the boundary of standing between the known and the unknown. I believe in the unanswered questions of children” (Allison, 149).

Our brains are so overworked with the little details of everyday survival that we forget to hold onto the magic of wonder. We limit our boundaries for growth.

I love when my children ask me questions that stump me. Those questions demonstrate the tremendous potential my children have for understanding and intelligence. It also reminds me that it’s ok to not be a know-it-all. We always have something to learn about our world or ourselves.

As you embark on your schedule-driven journey this week, leave a little room to learn and explore things that are new or unknown to you. Provide creative energy to your conversations and introductions. Allow the unknown to extend into your personal motivation.

Put the creative power of the unknown into your purpose and your intentions will surely guide you to new discoveries and understanding about yourself and the world around you.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Alan Lightman is a really smart dude. I feel smarter just for quoting his philosophy.

Allison, Jay, et al. This I Believe: the Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Women and Men. New York, Henry Holt, 2006.


February 14th marked 1 year of blogging on Intentergy.

I am proud of the progress I have made.

With 734 followers I can’t help but be proud!

My goal for 2017 is 1000 daily subscribers so plesase help share Intentergy.1st-anniversary-goals-1

My 216 posts have all been written with positive intent and honest love for the messages I compose.

My goal for 2017 is to have at least 350 posts published. Please continue to provide feedback and sharing.


Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read, share, comment, or like any of my posts or pages. It is trully appreciated!

cropped-cropped-celtic-knot-2.png Melanie A. Peters


4 thoughts on “The Creative Power of the Unknown – Wise Words Wednesday

  1. Congrats on the “follows” well deserved! I don’t know what the “social” one is, so it looks like I need to learn more! (going into my 3rd week… lol)

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    1. Well that is the beauty of the unknown. It guides us to ask great questions. : )
      When you link your WordPress blog to social media accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) your WordPress account keeps track of your followers as well. It is a pretty slick operation. Thank you for your support!

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      1. Ohhhhhh! I left facebook because it was giving me agida… and I’m terrible at Twitter but I’m working on it. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

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