Just One Trash Bag (at a time)

Just One Trash Bag (at a time) via Daily Prompt: Filter

Just One Trash Bag

Recently my friend Cami shared her desire to do a Lenten purge of unnecessary things. Her goal was to filter through her life and remove one bag of unnecessary stuff a day. I thought this was an AWESOME idea, so I borrowed it for myself…

…Only I have failed.

The first day or two of Lent I did alright cleaning out a drawer and a closet, but I have come to the sound conclusion that filtering out unnecessaries takes a really, really, really long time.

How do things add up so quickly? Seriously?!?

Each day I remind myself to filter through the piles and collections of my life.

While I have really focused on getting rid of old papers, unfinished projects (that I will probably never finish), broken things (that I will probably never fix), and items that someone else can benefit from, I have also made a point to filter through the anxiety brought on by all that stuff.

One trash bag at a time and one prayer at a time, I have worked to clean up my physical and emotional home. Things like guilt, sadness, gluttony, and retail insanity are at the top of my list of things to bag up and toss out. There is no need to hold onto these emotions or the excess possessions in my life. Just One Bag Cami Post

I am so glad Cami shared this Lenten goal because it reassured me that I am not alone in my need to filter through the surplus in my life.

While I have not been successful at filling a bag a day, I have filled multiple bags a couple of days and have slept better a number of nights. The trash bags have added to the quality of my living space, while letting go of the guilt and negative emotions has improved the quality of my loving space.

I encourage you to try to filter through the “stuff” in your life and make room for happiness, healthiness, and comfort. Try doing it one trash bag at a time.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. My reference to gluttony is in regards to plastic bags, empty toilet paper rolls, purses, and other things I covet because, “You never know when you will need them.” On the other hand, one trash bag a time might not be enough sometimes. 😉




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