Humor Wins Every Time – Wise Words Wednesday

Humor Wins Every Time

The ability to laugh is so simple yet so powerful. “Every time you are able to find humor in a difficult situation, you win.”

Sunday I found myself battling a terrible stomach ache at the end of a fun day at the parish picnic. As we drove home, I advised my husband to take the county road home; I was not feeling well. Per my prediction, we did not make it home before I got sick. We had to stop twice in a very short stretch of the road so I could get out to puke.

Upon entering the car the second time, my youngest son was crying. “Does your tummy hurt?” my husband asked him.

“No, I didn’t get to see mommy throw up.” was his angry and pitiful reply.

All I could do was laugh.

My laughter seemed to calm him and led to giggles from my husband and other two kiddos. We rode silently home the rest of the way, except when my husband checked to see if I was okay.

My tummy definitely didn’t win that day, but humor did. In being able to laugh, I showed my kiddos I would be okay and that we don’t need to get upset about little things (like mommy puking). 🙂

While I don’t encourage laughing at sick people, I do encourage you to find the humor in the rough spots of your day. Who knows the laughter you bring to a tough situation may be the catalyst for change. Your joy may be the one thing that was needed to get past a sticky situation or a downward slide. Humor wins every time.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. The picnic didn’t make me sick. It was just a virus.




9 thoughts on “Humor Wins Every Time – Wise Words Wednesday

  1. I feel your pain…lol…funny how kids find it amusing when Mummy pukes, shoe is on the other foot when it’s them! Hope you’re feeling better 🍇

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  2. Very good Melanie, well not the puking, the remedial hilarity it later spawned. Quite right to find mirth in adversity. It helps boost spirits. Even ill friends find that helps. I often visit those in bad states, not to recycle and pass comment on how bad things are, but to just talk and ramble. To see a smile is, perhaps, the best outcome I can think of. People often ask what do you say to them, to wit I reply just be you, treat them as you did before they got ill. Inside they are the same, maybe sad yes, scared yes, fearful that nobody will call. Stuff that, go and enjoy them while you can. Great post as always!

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      1. Sadly, the ones I know got very bitter at people no longer visiting or talking as they used to as their illnesses developed. I know people act differently and not all know how to cope with a friend in that way; but really al you need to do is be who they know and not fuss.!

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      2. Absolutely! Natural routine and reliability be so healthy when illness or sadness seem to rule one’s world. However, I am all for making a fuss when a fuss is needed. 😉

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      3. Lol, I trust you to be making the right sort of fuss though 😊 Strangely, it’s the same thing with people suffering MH issues. Most of the time they need to be talking and not feel the issue is isolating them which, given half a chance, it will happily do.

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