When Life Gives You Bananas…

We all know the adage, “When life give you lemons, make lemonade.” What about when life gives you bananas?

Recently my mom came into a pile of bananas. Literally, there was a pile of bananas at her work that were just going to be thrown out because they were overripe. Not wanting to let good bananas go to waste, Mom politely asked if she could have them. Her manager said, “Yes, my wife will kill me if I bring home another box of brown bananas.”

When she got home Mom set to work putting the soft, but still yummy, bananas to good use. She baked a banana cake, banana bread, and banana muffins. She still had a few of the aged fruits left over; she will surely come up with a clever way to use them. (Fertilizer for her rose bushes, maybe?)

Bananas (3)Saturday night, Mom and Dad joined us for dinner. She brought the banana cake. It was awesome! (In fact I had one of the last pieces this morning with my coffee. A terrific way to start a Monday morning.) She plans to share her banana muffins with her co-workers at school. I am sure the banana bread has a generous future too.

What do you do when life gives you bananas?

Do you toss them out? Do you let the fruit rotten? Do you make them into something that is still enjoyable? Do you fertilize your flowers?

If you toss them out, that’s okay, but think of the possibilities you are wasting. When opportunities come your way, even if they are a bit soft, give them consideration. If you know you don’t have time or it isn’t healthy for you to take it, let it go. Consider offering the chance to someone else.

If you let opportunities sit there, until they are no good anymore, it stinks. It attracts other negative opportunities (like gnats). Failing to take hold of chances that are fleeting can spoil future situations for success. Don’t let things go until there is no way of benefiting from them. (Remember: It isn’t bad to let things go if they aren’t right for you. It is bad to not take chances when they are what you need.)

Making moments and delicious decisions with the bounty provided in life leads to purpose and success that is sweet. Take those browning bananas or situations that seem insignificant and create chances to enhance your day. This is the best way to keep from going bananas.

Fertilizer? Well, if you use the unusable to enrich the world around you, the world will thank you. The blooms that pop up in your future will make the days brighter and the brown bananas will not have rotted in vain. The same goes for the chances that you pass on to someone else. It may not be the right time for you to take in the treats tossed your way, but it could be perfect timing for someone who is without a hint of hope. Pass on the benefits of opportunity.

Bananas (4)This has been one huge metaphor for the bananas life throws at us. Just remember to look for the good in chances that come your way. Know it’s okay to pass on the things that aren’t meant for you. Don’t waste good opportunities. Enrich life with the nutrients of niceness and thrifty thoughtfulness. Don’t let life make you bananas. We all get soft and bruised at times, but we are still capable of making sweet successes as we take advantage of what lies beneath.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. What is your favorite banana-flavored treat?




11 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Bananas…

  1. Great metaphor!

    I am the queen of Banana nut muffins. I even posted my recipe on my blog a while back with a funny Frank Zappa inspired introduction. I also make banana bread a lot. Banana cake is also delicious, particularly with cream cheese frosting. Sometimes I freeze peeled bananas and make banana cocoa smoothies. Or I’ll use peeled fresh bananas and dip them in chocolate and freeze them into banana pops. Another thing I do when I’m on a diet is to spread banana on toasted English muffins and top with jam. It’s a lot fewer calories than peanut butter, though I do love peanut butter. Or I spread peanut butter on a banana and eat it that way.

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  2. Great post! 🙂 Unfortunately, I generally just eat my fresh bananas but from reading your post I realize that I’ve barely scratched the surface with this wonderful fruit. You’ve inspired me to get in the kitchen and get creative. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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