Spilling into 2018

Spill into 2018 1

Less than three sips into my first glass of New Years Eve wine, I knocked over the entire cup in a fit of excitement to show my “good” coat to a friend. The wine flowed right on over to the corner of a jacket laying on the table. It was NOT my coat. AAAHHHH!

I quickly wiped the coat off and dried up the table.

Then the worry set in.

I HAD to find the owner of the coat.

What if it was their “good” coat?

What if they yelled at me?

What if they told everyone I was a raving drunk, who destroyed their coat and any hopes of a happy new year? (I may be exaggerating, but I really was worried.)

I asked everyone I saw if the coat was thiers, but had no luck locating its owner.

I was just about to trudge the walk of shame to the front of the dance and kindly ask the amazing band singer if I could borrow his microphone. I needed to find the owner of that coat. As I went back to grab the coat, the cutest, little brunette was getting something from the purse next to THE COAT.

“Is that your coat?”

She smiled really big. “Yes. How are you?”  I told her I was so sorry but I spilled my wine on it and would like to pay to have it cleaned. The owner’s name is Miranda.

Miranda gave me the biggest hug and told me she thought I was so sweet. “Don’t worry. I spill stuff on it all the time. I’ll just wash it when I get home.”

Spill into 2018

Miranda and I after the wine-spill fiasco. 

I told her of my panic and fear that I was going to begin 2018 with bad karma for staining someone’s coat. Her laughter at my worry made it all better. We then talked about her family and mine. (She lives really close to my parents. I am SO glad I didn’t piss off Mom’s neighbors; that would be one more thing to worry about.)


After the whole wine-spill fiasco, the night was wonderful. We were surrounded by friends and fellow revelers ready to welcome a new year. The beauty of it all was that even if I had not been able to find the owner of the coat, I would have found a way to apologize (probably a note and $20) but I was warmly welcomed and forgiven.

May your 2018 offer opportunities to ensure positive energy and good karma. May you always find a way to resolve your errors and forgive others when they have made their own mistakes. Most of all may you realize that letting go of worry and fear are the first steps to celebrating the best life possible.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Miranda, I will still get your coat cleaned if you like.




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