Knotted Fun = Not Fun for Mom (Sometimes)

In Knots 1

My kids have been dragging home loops of knotted yarn. They spend hours of their day trying to make patterns including: Jacob’s Ladder, teacup, spider web traps, Eiffel Tower, bow and arrow, and other geometric shapes with the yarn between their fingers.

Hours, I tell you!Hours they should be cleaning rooms, doing homework, practicing basketball, or being productive in some way.

The hours of employing imagination and making yarn shapes are really not what get me worked up. It’s the random yarn loops lying around EVERYWHERE and the knock-down-drag-out fights over who has whose “special” yarn loop.

Seriously, it’s a knotted circle of string!

In Knots 2The knotted fun for my kids has not exactly been fun for me, but I am always seeking the positive in situations so I thought I would share what I discovered after researching the knotted fun phenomena.

Yarn is cheap. Other toys are NOT cheap.

It is considered “cool” to give a “pretty” loop of yarn to a friend. We are always looking for ways to share kindness and creativity. Clearly, knotted yarn loops are pretty, kind, and creative.

When my kids are making shapes with yarn, they are not glued to the television or other electronic devices. Anytime we can “unplug” kids is a good time.

In Knots 3Creating Jacob’s Ladder and the Eiffel Tower configurations has sparked conversations with my kids about Bible stories, songs, the Eiffel Tower, and how Paris is the “City of Lights.” (not yarn)

There are many fun fads, like making slime or folding paper into cootie catchers, that we have embraced in my home. Hopefully, the knotted-loop-of-yarn fad is one that continues to inspire creativity, generosity, and conversations, while reminding my kids to “pick up their darn yarn.” 

What fun fads do you remember from your childhood or are you experiencing in your home?

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By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I really do call it “darn yarn” when I find it on my floor, under the table, stuck in the love-seat, in the laundry, between car seats or couch cushions, or it is being fought over by my children.


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