Visits from Opportunity – Wise Words Wednesday

Opportunity Visits

“Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor”Into the Woods

These words always seem to pop up in my life at just the right time.

For the last month, I have not been writing much (the whole, “I’m too busy” thing). Each day that I don’t write separates me from the messages I wish to share and the healthy practice of jotting down my thoughts and experiences. Those thoughts and experiences may not come again. Reflecting on this quote from Into the Woods, I find myself with renewed vigor for writing and encouraging others to share their own thoughts and works.

What talent or passion have you been neglecting?

“Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor.”

I have wrestled with finding time to take a break for myself. Creating opportunities for quiet, peaceful time with my family has also failed to make its way into my schedule. If I don’t instigate those calm, restorative moments with my family and for myself, who will?

Please take time for yourself and those you love. Peace has to begin in our hearts and homes before it can be found all over Earth.

“Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor.”

In the halls at school, the aisle at the grocery store, in the bleachers at the basketball game, countless possibilities are presented where I can recognize someone and acknowledge that they are a welcome part of my day. The impacts of a simple hello or a shared laugh echo loudly after the moment has left us. It should be our intent to be approachable and make others feel the same.

How will you approach those you encounter today? We may not have a second chance to make someone feel valued or accepted.

“Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor.”

As I kissed my children “good night,” I felt sadness in my heart thinking that my opportunities to embrace them and remind them of my love had nearly all passed for another day. Never let a day go by that you neglect to tell someone you love them.

Be sure to take chances, create moments, share your appreciation and love for others. Don’t waste a day by leaving love out of your intents.

Put energy into the opportunities with which you are blessed. Enable others to have opportunities because of your consideration and kindness. “Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor.” Make the most of each visit with love, compassion, thoughtfulness, and positivity. The more good we create the greater the chance we will witness meaningful encounters and lengthier periods of joy and success.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Opportunity doesn’t always knock. It can be a sneaky devil…and fast too.

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5 thoughts on “Visits from Opportunity – Wise Words Wednesday

  1. Wowwww! Love this, really made me think about how many opportunties we have just in one day! We should be taking as many as we can and as many that lead to roads of goodness!….Thanks for sharing! 😊

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