When Twilight Touches the Porch

Porch Twilight

As fireflies make their evening entrance and whippoorwills warm up their whistles, the light wanes and twilight touches porches across the country. There is no better time to feel the power of sundown and breathe in the shift between day and night.

Twilight possesses the power to slow time and heal the aches of the day. I recently had the chance to share a sunset rocking in porch chairs with my cousin. All our lives it seems like we have been racing to get to whatever destination life has in store for us next. Our pride in the tenacious nature with which we usually attack our lives was set aside. The sway of our rocking soothed our need to speed through the rest of the day. Sitting there, being serenaded by the crickets, it seemed as if the sunset was giving us permission to slow down and embrace the chance to just be.

Soaking in the serenity of the moment, we both acknowledged that we felt better somehow. I knew I was tired before our visit, but after taking that time to quietly experience the evening, I found that I would rest better that night.

By witnessing twilight touch the porch, we allowed it to touch our hearts and minds, we invited the sun to take away our worries and weariness.

When twilight touches the porch, we really need to be a part of that moment.

Porch Twilight 1

― C. JoyBell C.

With the official start of summer, I am sure everyone’ s schedule is in hyper-drive. I am even more certain that the sunsets will continue to provide a season of healing and joy. Quit wasting the opportunities provided each evening. Give yourself some well-deserved porch time.

No porch?

That’s okay.

A front stoop or a park bench offer the same soothing seat as the sun says, “Good-bye,” to the day. Use the opportunity to take in twilight and send your worries away with the sun. Never let worry over wasted time keep you away from enjoying the sunset.

When twilight touches the porch, be there. Let twilight fill your heart with tranquility and hope for the new day to come. Don’t let the magic of a setting sun go to waste. Summer will fly by. If you’ve got a porch swing or chairs, don’t let them sit empty as the sun goes down. Be present for the gift of the golden sky and peace that only twilight can bring.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I am happy to help you sit on your porch and enjoy a sunset or two.




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