First Fire of the Year

As a surprise, hubby and I headed out for a short two-day camp out with the kids as soon as they were dismissed from the last day of school. Their excitement was contagious and the chance to get away was too tempting to resist.

One of our favorite parts of camping is always the campfire. The kids and I seek out the best sticks and logs and enjoy hours of flame watching and food roasting.  Campfires always seem to pull us into the warmth and light of their flames and inspire memorable moments and sharing.

The dancing flames provide one of nature’s greatest entertainments. The fantastic show they perform can never be duplicated and never ceases to amaze us. The first campfire of the year holds a special power. 

first fireThe first campfire always reminds me a of a ritualistic fire. One where we sacrifice our worries and concerns of the past year and start anew with lighter spirits and happier temperaments. It’s as if the stress of finals and end of year traditions float away with the sparks and smoke. With summer we are free to let our inner flames rekindle and get back in touch with the innocence that comes with catching fireflies and making s’mores.

My wish for each of you, as we welcome summer, is that you find a renewed flame fueled by joy and kinship. I hope that your dreams are kindled and your appreciation of self and those you love burns brighter than before.

Remember the first fire of the year is one that burns all year long in our hearts and memories. We just have to ignite that stored positive energy to blaze through the stress and sadness that dims our happiness. Get going and light those fires!

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Remember only you can prevent forest fires and sadness with your diligent joy and positive choices.


7 thoughts on “First Fire of the Year

  1. Very symbolic feeling here Melanie. The Yule log was part of a similar concept to warm midwinter in celebration of the festival that was there to boost moral and spirits in the long cold months. I can see some synergy with the first fire of the year. End of winter and the start of summer as spring begins to bring in new life and greenery.

    Renewal is always a good thing to build into it too. Very mindful and positive.

    Thought inspiring as ever…. and apologies for a rather long absence!

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    1. Gary, thank you for your insights! Your understanding and ability to build on the messages I try to share are so greatly appreciated.

      It’s wonderful to hear from you again, my friend!

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      1. A case of letting life wrap me up and not being mindful of myself! Mind you I did do the A to Z challenge last month and didn’t realise how demanding it was.

        I have you on my reader Close Friends list (which I dint think WP supports anymore, but leaves old lists intact). I saw your post and felt a terrible pang of neglect!

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      2. I am so proud of you for taking the A to Z Challenge and sticking to it. Way to go!

        Never feel guilty for staying focused. I am just glad to read that you are doing well and grateful for your support.

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      3. I’ve done NaNoWriMo twice now, but this was the first time with the A to Z. Not sure two big months is wise for my sanity though! It’s also good to know you’re still here too. Any more library talks at all?

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