What’s She Shakin’? – Funny Friday

Lyrics funny friday 1

Do you ever worry about kids listening to the lyrics of contemporary music? I do, but sometimes the translations of lyrics by kids makes life worth living.

lyrics funny friday 1

Luke Bryan is questioning my intents with this post

Our county fair was this week and each of my children invited a friend to go with us. As we drove to the fair, my kids requested Luke Bryan’s “Shake It For Me.” Granted this song is not really controversial but may not necessarily be okay for little kids, as it suggests that the shaking of one’s behind is the way to a man’s heart.
(I still love you, Luke Bryan.)

As the song was winding down, our 7 year-old friend Noah asked, “What’s she shakin’?”

8 year-old Lanie replied, without skipping a beat, “Her hands, silly.”

Noah, “Oh, yeah.” (Like he knew that all along)

Oh my goodness! I had to hold that laugh in for five miles. As soon as we got to the fair, I jumped out of the car and I can assure you my sides were shaking from laughter. The kids never even saw me laugh, as the fair drew all their sweet, innocent attention, but it was a hilarious start to our adventure.

Have you ever had lyrics that you did not understand or understood much later after a song came out?

Today I just wanted to share a story to make you laugh. Hopefully you too will hear something that makes you smile or think of song lyrics that stumped you and giggle at what you got out of them.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I hope Luke Bryan doesn’t think I think he’s inappropriate. Because he is SOOOOOOO appropriate.

lyrics funny friday

Thanks to my amazing friend Trisha Ely for sharing this pic ON MY BIRTHDAY!

P.P.S. I hope Luke Bryan doesn’t think I am infatuated with him or anything because Alan Jackson has been my country music heartthrob boyfriend since 1990.



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