Inking God’s Plan

Ink Speaks 2

Whatever your stance on tattoos, the power of self-expression through ink cannot be denied. Just as writers have put words to paper for centuries, tattoo artists have given power to the markings on their human palletes.

Recently our friend Evan experienced a very dramatic change in his life. Like most, he was angry and confused at first, but after time to think things through, Evan has started the task of moving past the hurt and letting the emotional wounds become battle scars.

As part of his healing process Evan chose a way to make God’s word a permanent reminder that the plan for us is bigger than we can ever understand. He chose the simple scriptural emblem of “Isaiah 14:27.”

Nothing can stop God’s plan for your life.

When Evan got his tattoo and texted us the picture, there was no doubt that he was proud of his choice and that it was something that meant a lot to him. It was a big step in his healing journey.

Ink Speaks 3

I knew the scripture he chose had to do with God’s plans but was unsure of the exact wording. According to my New American Bible, Isaiah 14:27 says, “The Lord of hosts has planned; who can thwart him? His hand is stretched out; who can turn it back?” 

This is a powerful way to say, “Nothing can stop God’s plan for your life.” The element of the New American Bible version that I found so impactful in Evan’s situation is that it included two questions. “Who can thwart Him?” and “Who can turn it back?” Both of these questions are perfect because they remind us that we are not bigger than God and we can’t turn back what has already been done. Even if we have questions that feel unanswered and doubt our ability to move past the problem, we must remember God knows best.

Of course as I looked for other meanings behind Evan’s emphatic choice, I found the following image.

Ink Speaks 1

Again, we are reminded that even the darkest of forces and times are no match for God and his plan.

The more I thought about it, the more I LOVED Evan’s choice for his tattoo. There isn’t an obstacle to be faced that this scripture can’t combat. There won’t be a time in life when these words won’t have positive meaning.

While Evan’s story of healing is one that will take time, I know that his choice to make God’s message part of his journey is one that shows he will find peace and continue to move forward with a constant reminder that there is a plan for him.

I encourage you to tattoo this message to your outlook and direct your energy to keep God’s plan in mind when facing your own life challenges. The only thing permanent in life is change and making your mark with ink, action, or words is something we are each called to do. Label your purposes each day with positive intent and stamp faith in God permanently on your heart.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. We love you, Evan.



3 thoughts on “Inking God’s Plan

  1. I have my two tats: the semicolon ; on my right arm–to remind me of addiction and suicide, and Project Semicolon. The other arm shows the Greek/Celtic anchor-Cross, representing my Hope and my Faith. I’m now thinking about another tat: I-N-F-J…. What do you think? Too late for that now? :o)

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