The Importance of Humanity – Wise Words Wednesday

Lucy Brazier words

Humanity is a colorful lot; not just in skin tones but in the relationships we build, the actions we take, and the habits we form. Within each realm of humanity there are always those assigned to protect and supervise the masses. Who better to observe the practices of other humans than someone who is responsible for keeping them safe?

Lucy BrazierThrough my blogging exploits I have made some tremendous writing friends. One of the individuals who I am proud to call my friend is Lucy Brazier. While Lucy and I have never met in person, we have exchanged comments and compliments via our sites and I am excitedly close to finishing her first book A Portergirl Novel: First Lady of the Keys.

As the book points out, we Americans believe porters are just people who carry bags, but in England porters are guards of a sort and protect and manage the safety and security of properties as keepers of the keys. Through the adventures of Deputy Head Porter, the first ever female porter at Old College, the idiosyncrasies and interactions of those in a most unusual academic setting are brought to light. It is in her chapter “Suited and Booted” that I found an exceptionally powerful statement about the importance of understanding and being an active part of humanity.

“People are important. They make the world what it is. They have made me what I am. Never forget the importance of humanity; without it, we are nothing.” (pg. 31)

Lucy Brazier 2In her observation of the importance of humanity, Deputy Head Porter maintains the understanding that even the smallest encounters with others can make a lasting impact. Whether we like it or not, we are all integral parts of the world to which we belong. Whether we are the first to do a job or one of millions, we make an impression.

Later in the same chapter, Brazier’s character touches on how maturity changes our views of youth as well. While Head Deputy Porter acknowledges that she is not exactly old and nowhere near middle age, she is increasingly annoyed by young people. Her recognition of the lack of responsibility and organization shows that she has discovered the benefits of reliability and keeping things in order. The advantage of recognizing the annoyance is that she still remembers what it is to be young and uses that understanding to empathize and corral student antics with effective means of honesty and fear. She knows just how to get the unruly students to see things her way. It is the simple things like offering to feed a student’s illegal pet hamster to the head master’s cat that make her a most effective porter.

The mysteries and traditions of Old College also give Head Deputy Porter ample opportunity to share enlightening insights into honoring, accepting, and allowing the practices of others to teach meaningful lessons about the human race. I encourage you to check out Lucy’s books and learn from Deputy Head Porter.

In remembering the importance of humanity, we put our focus and energy into making the world a more positive place. Let the influences and impacts of others help you to realize that no encounter is meaningless. Each time we interact with another person or take on a task we are making our mark or allowing their efforts to leave an imprint on our minds and hearts.

Never forget the importance of humanity. Get out there and be the first of your kind to make your mark on a job or a class. Take control of situations that you can improve and let your willingness to be a porter of positivity open a lifetime of doors.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I am pretty sure Head Deputy Porter and I are soul sisters. We both love good food, red wine, and find ourselves in crazy predicaments A LOT.

P.P.S. Head Deputy Porter also believes in ghosts. I LOVE ghost stories!

Lucy Brazier 3Lucy Brazier’s PorterGirl: First Lady of the Keys

  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (August 31, 2016)
  • ISBN-10: 1535514345
  • ISBN-13: 978-1535514347







One thought on “The Importance of Humanity – Wise Words Wednesday

  1. Oh wow this is such an incredible post! I am humbled and honoured that you find such inspiration in my work. Really – it means the world to me. PS – we are most definitely soul sisters! Sending big hugs to you across the pond 🙂

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