Are There Toys in Heaven?

In the grocery store the other day, a lady stopped me and asked about my post on toys in heaven. She said it really made her think (in a happy and a sad way) about what is in-store for us in heaven and about what we value here on Earth. I promised to re-blog the post. (Originally posted in December of 2016; this is not a new post.)

As always I am so grateful for the opportunity to make connections with others through my writing. I hope you will enjoy this post and continue to make similar connections with other through your passions.


Are There Toys in Heaven?


Saturday we said good-bye to my husband’s aunt. She was a smart, funny, family oriented lady and will be missed.

As the kiddos and I whipped up some pancakes for breakfast Saturday, my oldest son asked, “Are there toys in heaven?”

It was one of those parenting moments we all pray about. We don’t pray for the moments to come. We pray for the right words when the moment arrives.

I said a quick prayer and did a mental dash through my heart before answering him.

I said, “I don’t know what heaven is like, but I believe that everything in heaven is so perfect that we don’t need toys or tv’s or distractions there. We are whole again, and, when we are angels, our days are filled with light and happiness and probably flying contests to see who can fly the fastest with our…

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