Don’t Be Like My Cactus


January 2nd – Photo of Christmas cactus

Don’t be like my cactus.

For Christmas, my sweet friend Sarah gifted me with a beautiful Christmas cactus. The bright green was a very merry addition to my holidays.


December 24th – Photo of Christmas cactus

When I received the cactus on December 13th, it had some small fuchsia blooms. On December 22nd I noticed the blooms had gotten larger. The morning of December 24th I was pleasantly surprised to find them in full bloom. With their vibrant arrival, I found a brighter sense of the holiday spirit and shared that with my family and friends. Each time I caught a glimpse of that Christmas cactus, my heart blossomed with a new floret of holiday fervor.

As with anything, the passage of time has a way of dimming the shine. The Christmas cactus was no exception. While doing the dishes from New Years, I noticed my sweet plant’s flowers had begun to severely droop, and by the morning of the 2nd, they were visibly diminished in color and flourish. In spite of its depleted appearance, I still felt joy and hope at the sight of it.

Today I encourage you to not be like my cactus.


January 7th – Photo of Christmas cactus

Don’t let the joy and spirit of the holidays fade. Remember that, like the cactus, we all have the potential to burst with beauty when the time is right. It’s okay to save our brightest spirits for special occasions. Our joy is alive and well, even when we are not blossoming with excessive flamboyance.

Don’t be like my cactus.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I have nothing against my cactus. I just don’t want anyone to let their spirits fade like its blooms.



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