Home Plate is always 17 inches wide – Giving Credit to the Source

In honor of Opening Day tomorrow, I wanted to share my favorite baseball post of all time.


Home Plate is always 17 inches wide – Giving Credit to the Source

17 inches of home plate

I can’t take credit for the inspiration or the original information of this post. I stated this the first time I shared the story and gave credit to the person whom I got the the story from on Facebook. Ryan Brust commented three days ago that Chris Sperry was the original author. We have had internet problems this week so it took me a few days to properly attribute the story to its rightful source.

It was written by  Chris Sperry

http://www.sperrybaseballlife.com/stay-at-17-inches/ .

The message of the article is AMAZING!

Chris Sperry, thank you for sharing your experience! Please be sure to check out Chris Sperry’s site http://www.sperrybaseballlife.com/

Accurate and rightful attribution to this article goes to Chris Sperry and his company Baseball/Life LLC.

The article was shared with me via my Facebook feed but thought it was perfect for my pre-season…

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