Lunch was Lovely – Thank You Letter to Sue Gelven

Sue and me

Dear Sue,

Thank you so much for accepting my lunch invitation. Meeting with you was wonderful!

Before we had our lunch date, the only times I had met you were at random school and community events and with each encounter I have admired you more and more.

In listening to you talk about your family, it is obvious you are passionate about those in your brood (both blood relation and those by happenstance). Your willingness to share the memories of your husband Don and the experiences you had together is so wonderfully appreciated. I cannot imagine the lengths you went through to keep your family moving (literally across the country) and growing. I am in awe of the steps you took to become an educator. If you hadn’t been so diligent, there are thousands of students, parents, and fellow educators who would not have benefited from your awesomeness (myself included).

I was particularly inspired by your storytelling ability. The art of telling a story is one that is not lost on me and I could have listened to your stories for hours. (We MUST have another lunch date!) It was in the stories you shared about the strength and resilience of women in your life that you showed great exuberance. When asked if you had ever considered writing a book, your answer about wishing you could document the life of Emma Busch was so cool to me. There are so many stories that never get told because they are simply forgotten.

I expected your answer to the book writing question to be that you would first consider writing on teaching or faith but that you had such a specific and vivid subject in mind, makes me REALLY want to read her story (as told by you, of course).  The world would definitely benefit from the stories you have to share.

Sue, one of the ways I have grown to know and adore you is through social media. The posts on your Facebook feed are worthy of publication. Your humility, dedication to family, faith, and rodent prevention methods are so heartwarming and enlightening. Your political and social posts are worthy of national merit and should be considered a solid viewpoint for reflection by many.

Thank you, Sue, for taking the time to humor a member of your fan club and having lunch with me.

Please know that your spark, humor, and grace are greatly appreciated. Your willingness to serve others, have lunch with crazy writers, and to learn new things (including shooting, chainsaw technique, and general construction) are gifts to all whom you encounter. Thank you!

With greatest gratitude,

Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Thank you and NO thank you for recommending Wordscapes. It has stimulated my brain and wasted my time (in a good way).




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