Isle of Storms – An Epic 5th Grade Collaboration to Benefit Special Olympics

There is nothing better than a good adventure story, except when there is a GREAT adventure story created through the collaboration of an entire 5th grade class AND the proceeds from its sale go to Special Olympics!!!

Prior to their school year being cut short by the Coronavirus, Mrs. Rebecca Harvey‘s 5th grade class read The Man Who Loved Clowns by June Rae Wood.

Isle of Storms 4

The class was fascinated by the character Punky. In the book, Punky is the uncle of main character Delrita. The story revolves around Delrita’s desire to go unnoticed by society because of the embarrassment she feels over Punky’s behavior, while still loving his childlike ways. Punky has Down Syndrome and the challenges of living with and loving someone who has an intellectual disability are shared in an honest and compelling manner.

The class was so moved by Punky’s story and connections they made to individuals with Down Syndrome that they decided to do something for the Special Olympics. They just weren’t sure what it was yet.

Another project that Mrs. Harvey’s class tackled was the composition of a book written as a collaboration. Around the classroom they hung idea charts and brainstorming sheets so as to keep everyone on the same page (literally and figuratively). Together they organized their ideas, developed characters and plot, and established chapters and a wild conclusion. It made for a great adventure.

With the outbreak of COVID19, the class was unable to carry out their plans to volunteer or do a project at the Special Olympics, but this awesome adventure book gave them a new way to help. With the assistance of parents and the guidance of Mrs. Harvey, Isle of Storms: A Collaboration found its way to a publisher and is now available for sale on Amazon. All proceeds from the sale of their collaborative work go to Special Olympics, but the book is only on sale until June 20, 2020.

Isle of Storms 3

Click Here for Link to Buy Isle of Storms: A Collaboration

The story of Ash Isle is one of survival, challenges from nature, and having hope in tough situations.

Ash Isle has long been a well-hidden secret, a peaceful island paradise… until the day nature went berserk and wreaked havoc on the little island. Life quickly turns upside down for Max, Anthony, Bella, Andre, and their new friend Madison as they fight to survive storm after storm. But in the midst of these deadly storms, on an island hidden so well from the rest of the world, will anyone come to their rescue?

I can’t think of a better way to teach cooperation, understanding, and compassion than to work together creating an exciting story that benefits a terrific organization. Please give Mrs. Harvey’s class some support by sharing or purchasing their story.

Finding ways to bring people together in creation of beautiful things is what our world needs right now. Through creativity and passion these 5th graders made something wonderful and used some seriously positive purpose to share that energy. And that’s what Intentergy is all about!

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Isle of Storms: A Collaboration is so good; it’s even listed on!



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