Just Be – Wise Words Wednesday

Just be. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit my sister Robyn and just be calm and comfortable on her couch. The kids were in school. The husbands were working. Her dog Tammy was snoring happily between us. I told Robyn that I wanted her help with the Wise Words Wednesday post for this week.

My invitation was two-fold. One, I needed a post. Two, Robyn has been taking it easy as she is recovering from a recent procedure and this would provide some Intentergy into her day.

So when starting off a Wise Words Wednesday post, I need wise words. After sharing some thoughts that can not posted on this platform, Robyn tapped into her infinite reservoir of memorable quotes and said she her go-to phrase is “Just be.”

“Just be”

In expressing the impact this phrase has on her life, Robyn shared that it is her go-to because it’s what gets her through moments or times of anxiety. Where there is too much to do or there are too many things coming at her, “Just be” allows my stressed-out sister to face them, breathe, and just be the best she can in the situation.

The source of Robyn’s stress-reducing mantra was her friend Jessie. Jessie used “Just be” to teach her young son ways to cope in situations of uncertainty and to ground her emotions as she battled cancer. In the living memory of Jessie, “Just be” resonates in each thought and activity inspired by her and the strength she exuded, as she never wavered. We all can learn from Jessie’s willingness to just be the best, strongest, kindest, bravest we can in whatever we face.

For today’s Intentegy challenge, just be.

Allow each moment to be one that is filled with the intent to do your best and even in times of distress, be as peaceful and steadfast as you can. And just be.

By: Melanie A. Peters

Co-written by: Robyn J. Potts.

P.S. The quotes from my sister that I deemed inappropriate may be found in a fictitious upcoming book entitled The Adventures of Robyn and Karla: Infinite Words of Wisdom.


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