Avoid a Fitting Disappearance

There are many things I love about technology, but video games are not necessarily one of them. However, I do enjoy a game of Tetris. It’s about the only video game that doesn’t send me spiraling into a fit of vertigo (at least until those crazy blocks start dropping at 60mph).

Halloween is also one of my FAVORITE times of the year, so this particular Wednesday Addams meme made my heart happy. It also provided inspiration for today’s Intentergy post.

For 10 years I taught high school. In those 10 years, I watched A LOT of kids do things to fit in that I knew were not true reflections of who they were as individuals. After one particularly troublesome instance of two 9th grade girls allowing their alpha-friend to bully another 9th grader, I had to discuss the situation with a fellow teacher.

My brilliant co-teacher had a way of putting new perspective on situations. He referred to the students who followed peer pressure as “lemmings.” He said, “They will run themselves off the roof of the school just to fit in. It’s our job to show them there are other ways down from the situation and hopefully to avoid those tragic falls.”

This reference, of course, is centered on the belief that lemmings will run off the edge of a cliff just to stay with the herd. In many ways this metaphor accurately reflects the Tetris mentality of disappearing to fit in.

People will rush into or follow any crowd if they believe it will help their social survival, but often forget that if they are a crowd follower, it is really hard to be a leader or to stand out with success.

The emergence of a leader.

Today as you try to keep up with the masses of social media, friends, and family, remember that you can avoid disappearing from your true self. Don’t let fear of standing out keep you from standing up for what you believe or know is right. Avoid that ledge of following the leader when you have ideas or answers that can put an end to unnecessary loss or hurtful situations. Avoid a fitting disappearance by allowing your beliefs and guidance to appear clearly for others. Don’t be a Tetris lemming. Don’t disappear to fit in.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. All the cool kids like Tetris and Halloween.


2 thoughts on “Avoid a Fitting Disappearance

    1. Thank you so much! Hopefully lots of other people will be willing to consider having original ideas and standing up for what they believe as opposed to what we think everyone else wants us to believe.


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