Everything Hasn’t Stopped

2020, a year that has stopped hearts, businesses, and social gatherings, has failed to prevent the world from turning, plants from blooming, kids from growing, and changes from coming.

I haven’t liked the anxiety and animosity that have grown the past 10 months, but I have found comfort in the predictability of continuing to raise a family and run our farm. Even the “I hate homework” meltdowns are something to relish because it means my child started learning something at school, and I only have to assist with the reinforcement lessons. I’m not the homeschool headmistress.

Watching our fall calves frolic in the fields brings added joy to our lives because it means we are still growing and producing. That’s what farms are supposed to do. Everything hasn’t stopped.

The dirty laundry continues to drive me crazy. Dishes continue to not wash themselves. The empty milk just constantly finds its way back into my refrigerator (apparently NO ONE in my family EVER takes the last drink). Everything hasn’t stopped.

While many weddings have been postponed, we are still receiving “Save the Dates,” and more engagements have been popping up in my Facebook feed, so I know people are still willing to say “Yes” to forever with someone special. Babies are still being born, even with only 1 visitor present at a time. While graduates may not get to walk across stages in packed arenas, diplomas have not been discontinued. New careers are catapulting as people navigate their way through the newly social distanced world. Everything hasn’t stopped.

Intentergy hasn’t stopped. There is still plenty of energy with positive purpose out there. Today, tomorrow, the next day, and for as long as you need this reminder, everything hasn’t stopped.

If you have to pause, regroup, or reorient your focus, take that break.

If the weight of the world is too much for your shoulders, remember the world is going to keep spinning, you can too. Turn a new leaf, spin a new outlook, or whirl your way to through the barriers holding you back. Everything hasn’t stopped.

Complaining, moping, and dragging others down with your words won’t close down the chaos. The only way to terminate the negative hold-ups in your life is to halt your willingness to hate or hurt others. Everything hasn’t stopped. It’s time to begin living with love and positive purpose again.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. What is one thing you are thankful for that continues in your life?


4 thoughts on “Everything Hasn’t Stopped

  1. I’m thankful for Family and for a talented niece who reminds us we have many things to be thankful for! I always enjoy reading your blogs Melanie. Keep up the good work!

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