Committing to a Vacation…A Good Kind of Scare

Who doesn’t need or want a vacation?

After the last 12 months of COVID crisis, presidential and political craziness, and wacked out weather, I am certain we all deserve a vacation.

So, why is it so hard to commit to a vacation?

For me there are three major factors.
1. Cost
2. Commitment phobia
3. I have too much to do.

All of which are bologna.

1. Taking a break or getting away does not have to cost an arm and a leg.

2. Committing to do something makes it that much more valuable.

3. What am I gonna do with all my to-do’s if I don’t take a break before I have a breakdown?

For others, fear of committing to a vacation is based on things to actually be afraid of such as: medical conditions, occupational duties, pets, hurricanes, and pandemics. With awareness of the need for concern, we also have to acknowledge the need to take a break when we can.

On New Year’s Eve, two of my gal pals and I decided that in 2021 our three families were going to take a beach vacation together. This is an epic New Year’s resolution because we all have crazy schedules and never before have we attempted to travel beyond our homes together (if you don’t count a Labor Day float trip down the river that ended on one of our farms.) I told the girls to trust me to find the perfect vacation spot.

The funny thing was, I didn’t whole-heartedly trust myself.

What if I picked a bad location?
What if we had to back out for some reason?
What if we discovered that we really DO NOT like each other at the beach?
What if they refuse to wear matching bikinis with me?
The what-ifs were endless. I was a little nervous about committing to a vacation.

After lots of searching and texting back and forth, we narrowed our search to two properties.

Being brave, vacation-planning women, we left the final decision to fate. My daughter was invited to select our rental property from my sun hat. Based on her two spectacular choices, she chose a beautiful house near the beach and everyone approved the selection.

Notice the blizzard going on outside behind my daughter adding fuel for our fire to book a beach vacation.

In spite of our democratic process and scientific dissection of the property choice, it took a whole lot of effort for me to click the “Book this Property” button. I don’t know why. I just know that all those what-if’s were making the mouse button really tough to push.

Once the booking was complete, I had to take some deep breaths. That vacation commitment was a tough one.

Don’t get me wrong. I was super excited for beach time with friends. I was ecstatic for the opportunity to go new places and try new things with our families. I was just scared of making a vacation mistake.

Now that the confirmation is a few days past, and I’ve started selecting our matching bikinis and texting countdown details, the vacation is starting to feel like a great fit. Excitement has started to overshadow the uncertainty.

You are probably asking yourself, “What is the point behind this post? Who cares if we vacation commitment issues?”

The answers to your questions are:

  1. You probably need a vacation.
  2. I care.

As we all face the continued challenges of COVID and maintaining our “normal” lives, opportunities to take a break or getaway are so important.

If those opportunities include people you care about, great! If they involve friends and new discoveries, even better!

I encourage you to find the will and way to make a vacation possible for yourself. Committing to a vacation may be scary at first, but think about the even scarier what-if’s of not trying.

What if this your chance to make something great happen? What if this is an opportunity to form a special bond or relationship? What if this is your last chance to do something with that important person or people?

Those what-if’s are way worse than someone rejecting your matching bikini idea or leaving your precious poodle at a kennel for a few days. Get some Intentergy built up and put energy into the purpose of planning some time for yourself and your loved ones. Committing to taking a break is nothing to fear. Get planning. Get packing. Get going. Leave the committment phobia behind and find some adventures that scare you in a good way.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. My friends really did reject my proposal for matching bikinis.


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