Going on a Mushroom Hunt

As a kid, I was always told to leave wild mushrooms alone because they were poisonous. I never imagined that people would hunt and eat them!

When Hubby and I were still dating, he made plans to go mushroom hunting with a buddy. After he told me that it was mushroom season, I asked, “Do you need a license to hunt mushrooms?”

He did not understand my confusion and laughed at my ignorance.

Not only was I insulted, but I was sincerely concerned for his health and the legality of this hunt. My entire life I believed that mushrooms in the wild could hurt me, so why would I change my beliefs now? After some careful explaining and seeing the results of a successful mushroom hunt, I began to understand that there is a short window of time where edible mushrooms pop up in the wooded areas near us.

Many people go crazy for the morel mushrooms, and just like a good fishing hole, many will keep their mushroom honey holes a secret. It’s kind of crazy to me, but who am I to judge? If I could find a place in nature to cultivate a special chocolate bar that only pops up once a year, I would definitely keep that secret to myself.

Over the last 18 years, I have been served and have prepared the wild morels a number of ways, but they are not something I necessarily crave. Hubby and his family members are under the impression that the mushrooms are to be consumed as if sacred and will go to great lengths to find and brag about their mushroom harvests. With an clear understanding of this passion, I recently went on a mushroom hunt with Hubby and our oldest son.

If you do go hunting for morels, here is a fine example to use as your guide of what to seek.

The day of our hunt was sunny and breezy. The two days prior had been cool and rainy. Hubby was certain that the increased sunshine and temperatures were sure to make the mushrooms manifest themselves. A short time into our search Hubby spied two large morels and only moments later a third fabulous fungi. Things were looking pretty good for our hunting party, but I had to remind my enthusiastic husband and son that I had never found a single morel in my life.

Hubby’s reply, “Don’t worry, honey, we will share with you.”

I didn’t laugh. I didn’t worry. I just kept hunting for those blasted edible mushrooms.

Along the way, I found some beautiful specimens of mushrooms that were not morels. Taking the time to walk quietly in the woods and search for something precious was a very positive way to spend our afternoon… even if we failed to find anymore mushrooms.

As we walked, Hubby and I pointed out types of trees and plants to each other and taught our son about the different species. We spoke often about how good the sunshine felt and laughed at the frequent tripping over roots or rocks because of distraction caused by the beauty around us. It may not have been an overly successful hunt, but we found the experience to be a good one.

I encourage you to go on a hunt of your own. It doesn’t have to be a mushroom hunt, but it can be seeking serenity from your crazy schedule or time tracking memories with your loved ones. Get outside and enjoy the opportunities that naturally occur around us. Go on a quest for quiet or rummage around for respite from the pace of instant messaging and noise of too much to do.

Let your hunt add Intentergy to your outlook and add positive purpose to your adventures. I can’t promise you will find exactly what you are looking for, but I can guarantee you will find something beautiful to remember and appreciate.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. You do not need a license to mushroom hunt, but you DO need permission to hunt on private property. Happy Hunting!


2 thoughts on “Going on a Mushroom Hunt

  1. Your mushroom hunt sounds like ours – a total of three! This is also the time of year we go hunting for greens. A pot of poke, dandelion, dock, and a few others were always a tradition on the table in spring. Searching in the woods for “yummies” always brings back fond memories of doing that with my mom when I was a kid. So not only is the getting out into the quiet good for you, bring some kids so they’ll also remember how they appreciated the beauty!

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