“May I?”: Giving Yourself Permission to Grow- May Positivity Challenge

As spring has arrived and the whirlwind of May activities swirls around us, I wanted to use this month’s positivity challenge to encourage growth.

We are all pretty good at making things happen for our kids, so they develop in their educational and sports skills. Many of us excel at nurturing our lawns and gardens. It is easy for us to dedicate our efforts encouraging the enhancement of others, but granting ourselves permission to grow can be really tough.

I want you to think about something you wish you were better at or want to feel better about in your life.

Maybe it’s learning a new skill or honing in on a talent that has been neglected.

Is there something you wish you could spend more time doing?

Could you use an increase in relaxation or self-care?

Whatever it is that is missing in your life, I want you to let May be your month for growing in that area.

“May I?”

It sounds weird to have to give permission to one’s self, but I know how tough guilt can be on us. Guilt makes us feel like we can’t or shouldn’t change. Guilt has no real authority. Guilt is wrong. So stop allowing it to control your decisions.

Give yourself permission to be a gardener, pianist, yoga master, or ask out that cute person at the coffee shop.

“May I?”

If it’s not guilt that’s holding you back, maybe it’s self-doubt. That darned old self-doubt!

I give self-doubt permission to take a hike. A long, long hike.

Right now you have permission to kiss self-doubt good-bye and say hello to freeing up your energy and intents.

Move forward as you apply for that new job, pick up an instructional book on photography, or watch a how-to video on cooking. Make May the month you move onto bigger and better things. You’ve been given permission in this post, so go ahead and stop asking yourself, “May I?,” and start saying “Yes, I absolutely may!”

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. What will you give yourself permission to do this month?
I think I’m going to get back to my guitar.


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