Monday’s Message – December 13, 2021

Here we are mid-December and trying to keep up with all the Christmas crazy on top of our regular, daily chaos. Today I’m wearing my “Make it Simple but Significant” shirt to serve as a reminder that simpler can be better. We don’t always have to out-do ourselves or anyone else to make the most of our efforts and intentions. Keep the simplicity of love, kindness, and grace at the center of your holiday planning and going through the motions of moving your daily mountains, and you will find the most complex joy in bringing the basics to your battles.

2016 Random Acts of Kindness Club t-shirt is still one of my favorites!

For this week in Intentergy, I’m still finalizing my focus for Wise Words Wednesday, but Friday’s post is ready to go and one I’ve been drafting for a while. To wrap up the week, I’m sharing a story on the frustrations of gift shopping for a tween or teen and how to make those frustrating list-making interrogations into productive conversations.

I’m also excited to announce that the upcoming dates for January – March 2022 “Bloggers BeLOnG” and “Blogging for Beginners” will be posted this week! Yay! We will be hosting sessions at both the Missouri River Regional Library in Jefferson City, Mo and Osage County Library in Linn, Mo. I just love sharing my passion for blogging and hope you will join me for one of these free sessions if you are interested in being a blogger.

For now, I wish you nothing but success, positivity, and blessings this week.

By: Melanie A. Peters.

P.S. Remember keep it simple but significant.


4 thoughts on “Monday’s Message – December 13, 2021

  1. I have struggled trying to reply, maybe that’s a hint, I don’t need to reply. I wanted to wish your dad blessings and prayers. Cancer is hard.
    Thinking of you and yours.

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  2. Oh, how I long for simpler times as I get caught up in the swirling chaos of work. I have to remind myself to stop and take a breath sometimes. As the holiday time rolls around I like to remember a time of army crawling into the living room in the wee hours of Christmas morning to check out the illuminated presents under the tree or the girls telling me how they would sneak into each other’s bed and play games or talk until they could wake us up to charge headlong into Christmas morning. This are the memories that help remind me to keep it simple – I enjoy reading your blogs Melanie brings a smile to me every time 😃

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    1. Jason, you have such a gift for creating hilarious visual images and joy in the stories you tell. Thank you! I’m also very thankful for your support and taking time to read Intentergy. ❤️
      – Melanie


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