Just Keep Telling Yourself That

“I’m hilarious.”

This is something I tell myself at least once a day. “I am hilarious.”

Often after I have reassured myself of this fact (usually out loud because in my head would make too much sense), my husband will tell me, “Just keep telling yourself that.”

The best part about telling myself that “I am hilarious” is that it always makes me laugh. Laughter makes me feel good. When I feel good, it’s much easier to be funny and confident. Therefore, I will continue to tell myself, “I am hilarious.”

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A Swarm of Appreciation

turkeys 1.jpeg

Each day I am thankful for farmers. Not just because I married one, was raised by them, or because I am one, but because they are the 2% of the population growing, cultivating, and producing the foods and products our world needs to survive.

One of the things that most people enjoy about farming is the fresh start and cuteness that comes with each new calf, foal, poult, chick, piglet, or seedling. Everything starts sweet, small, and innocent.

This morning I started off with caring for 10,000 poults. (Poults are baby turkeys.) I checked their food, waters, building temperature, and double checked that all safety precautions were in place; doors secured tightly, thermostat set appropriately, and no water or food messes. They chirped, squeaked, and followed me around the building as if they were all on invisible leashes. (Their flocking is really sweet until you have to walk through them without stepping on one of the little darlings.) 

As I watched my fluffy flock swarm, circle, and trip over themselves to get to me, their food and water, or just because one of their brothers happened to be napping where there the stampede shifted, a wave of appreciation rolled over me. There I was with the opportunity to provide care and attention to these baby birds, who will someday provide sustenance to others. Continue reading “A Swarm of Appreciation”

Reassurance Getting Insurance

This week my focus is on insurance. Weird, I know, but I hope you will understand my need for this coverage. (pun intended)

Reassurance Getting Insurance


Health insurance is a necessary evil.

Dealing  with insurance companies is comparable to wrestling a medically-mutated King Kong, who is empowered with financial cryptonite.

Unfortunately that King Kong power is angered by government regulation and Jokers wielding lawsuits from every direction. (Can you picture it?)

As I wrote earlier, health insurance is a necessary evil.

Last year I had to seek out a private health insurance plan for my family. We had to have some sort of coverage to protect us in case of medical emergency. The Online Market Place offered limited answers and even more limits to actual human contact. I was too scared to commit to anything the digital deities that heathcare.org provided me.

I contacted our regular insurance agent Dennis. He set up a time to meet with me and helped answer my questions and did some deeper investigating into what the best health care plan was for my family. His help with finding our insurance coverage was very assuring.

When it came time to submit the application for our chosen plan online, I could not get it to go through or show the correct information for my children. Their dates and genders would not stay corrected in the information screen. I just knew that if one date or one gender was wrong on that application, we would be up a creek of medical sewage. Continue reading “Reassurance Getting Insurance”