Just Keep Telling Yourself That

“I’m hilarious.”

This is something I tell myself at least once a day. “I am hilarious.”

Often after I have reassured myself of this fact (usually out loud because in my head would make too much sense), my husband will tell me, “Just keep telling yourself that.”

The best part about telling myself that “I am hilarious” is that it always makes me laugh. Laughter makes me feel good. When I feel good, it’s much easier to be funny and confident. Therefore, I will continue to tell myself, “I am hilarious.”

When we focus on what we want to be, it’s a lot easier to attain that desired trait or goal. On a lunch date with my friend Sarah, I told her about my self-proclamation of being hilarious. She laughed too and then shared memories of funny things I had said or done. Sarah reaffirmed that “I am hilarious.” She also told me about her own goals for self-affirmation and how they help her. Now I am on the prowl for any chance I get to support her goals with reminders of her awesomeness.

Intentergy is all about positive energy and purpose. I can’t think of a better way to add Intentergy to your day than by adding a mantra or affirmation. Consider a personal characteristic or goal you would like to achieve. Start telling yourself that you are that trait or will attain that goal.

Share your intents with others to build a support system that recognizes your dedication and potential. When you share the goal with others, they won’t be able to deny the fact that you are or can be successful in that intent. They won’t be able to look at you without saying, “Alright, you just tell yourself that because it’s true.”

If what you are telling yourself is not a realistic goal, hopefully, your support system will provide guidance to a more attainable objective. If your support system, fails to see your potential in seeking success in a number of venues, consider telling yourself, “Self, I deserve support and confidence from your friends.”

Then find a support system that will say “You keep telling yourself that” in productive and affirmative ways.

What are you going to tell yourself today?

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I also tell myself, “You are a good mom.”; “You are smarter than a box of rocks.”; “You can get out of bed.” and most of the time I believe it.


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