A Swarm of Appreciation

turkeys 1.jpeg

Each day I am thankful for farmers. Not just because I married one, was raised by them, or because I am one, but because they are the 2% of the population growing, cultivating, and producing the foods and products our world needs to survive.

One of the things that most people enjoy about farming is the fresh start and cuteness that comes with each new calf, foal, poult, chick, piglet, or seedling. Everything starts sweet, small, and innocent.

This morning I started off with caring for 10,000 poults. (Poults are baby turkeys.) I checked their food, waters, building temperature, and double checked that all safety precautions were in place; doors secured tightly, thermostat set appropriately, and no water or food messes. They chirped, squeaked, and followed me around the building as if they were all on invisible leashes. (Their flocking is really sweet until you have to walk through them without stepping on one of the little darlings.)Β 

As I watched my fluffy flock swarm, circle, and trip over themselves to get to me, their food and water, or just because one of their brothers happened to be napping where there the stampede shifted, a wave of appreciation rolled over me. There I was with the opportunity to provide care and attention to these baby birds, who will someday provide sustenance to others.

With uncertain futures for farmers, this new flock reminded me that there is so much to be grateful for. With people eating out less, necessary closures of production plants, and precautions for food preparation being put into place, agriculture is a tough field to be in right now. The beauty in this situation is that there will always be a need for producers. While the demands may be low now, we have hope that society will start to open up soon and businesses will once again provide a place for our products to serve their purpose bringing satisfaction, health, and joy to consumers.

turkeys 2.jpegIf you are in a place right now where your professional or personal gifts are not being fully utilized, be patient. Know that opportunity will return. It may not chirp, squeak, and trip over itself to get to you, but it will get there. Allow the blessings and positives you do have to swarm you with appreciation for the experiences of the past and the potential that the future will bring. Don’t be afraid to take time to assess your situation from every angle, double check all your safety precautions, but don’t let your fear and over-diligence keep you from seeing the greatness coming at you.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Support your local businesses. They are the farmer’s best clients. Support your local farmers. They provide the freshest and highest quality veggies, fruits, and meats.



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