Getting Back Smiles

Getting Back Smiles

Smile quote.jpg

Just check out those cheeks. There is nothing better than a chubby baby smile.


Smiles are powerful. They say so much about how a person is feeling. A smile is a true reflection of one’s reaction to what’s going on at the moment.

I love to watch smiles spread across the faces of my children because it tells me exactly how they are feeling. It is fun to watch their sheepish grins, when they know something funny is happening but they shouldn’t laugh, or when they are embarrassed by praise for a job well-done. When they smile so big they cannot talk, I know they have been up to something. These are the most entertaining grins. While I don’t always have a smile on my face in these instances, I never fail to smile in my heart.

Make someone smile today. A real smile.

Find ways to bring true humor or comfort to the day of others. Don’t even try to keep a smile count. I know that if you try to keep track, you won’t be able to, because you will be too busy bringing about shining smiles to notice just how many you have inspired (and don’t forget all your own grins. Those are the hardest to count.)

Put your energy into brining about giggles and grins and you won’t wear out the positive influence you have on the world around you.

By: Melanie A. Peters


2 thoughts on “Getting Back Smiles

  1. 😄😃😀😊☺️😉😍. I’m smiling! ….and thinking of sushi! Let me know when your schedule starts clearing up! (Hahaha!!)

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