Rooting for the Rivals

Rooting for the Rivals

Rooting for our rivals

My kids LOVE to watch sports on television with my husband and I. They are particularly proud (and so am I) of their loyalty to the teams that Hubby and I root for.

This being said, we are a household of avid St. Louis Cardinals’ fans. We watch or listen to every game.

Thursday night the Cardinals were not playing and my son wanted to watch baseball before going to bed. The Chicago Cubs happened to be playing the Arizona Diamondbacks, so I turned on that game. This is where our night got interesting.

Jason Heyward was up to bat. Jason Heyward was a St. Louis Cardinal last year. In fact he was one of our favorites last season.

This season Jason Heyward is a Chicago Cub.

If you know anything about baseball rivalries, you know that the Cubs and Cardinals are long-time rivals.

Well, my son did not know this so he started cheering for Jason Heyward to get a hit. Low and behold, Heyward hit a single. All three of my kids are now chanting, “Let’s go Cubs!” (I am pretty sure the baseball gods were laughing at this, but my husband was NOT.)

I realized that curbing their cheers was not the way to teach sportsmanship or loyalty. My realization kept my tongue in check and my heart laughed at their enthusiasm.

I guess sometimes it’s ok to root for rivals.

Rivalries add an emphasized air of excitement to competitions and provide colorful commentary and interactions. Rivalries breed the stuff of legends. Rivalries form relationships that extend past the normal, nurturing ones we find in traditional friendships. Rivalries give us something to cheer for in the name of loyalty and tradition.

In the spirit of this post, go ahead and cheer for a rival today. Be grateful that you have someone to show loyalty and passion towards (even if it’s not them).

Cheer, jeer, and chant your way to positive competition and you will find yourself with loyal bonds that tie you to those you support and who support you..

By: Melanie A. Peters



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