Worms in your Ice Cream

Worms in your Ice Cream


After taking my kiddos to their annual well visits, we headed to the local frozen yogurt shop. This place is so cool! Not only can you make your own frozen yogurt sundae or shake, but you can also sing karaoke or tie-dye a t-shirt.

With my help, each kiddo selected chocolate frozen yogurt, of course and then dashed to the toppings buffet. There were lots and lots of toppings. There were healthy, fresh fruits, not-so-healthy sprinkles, candies, cookies, marshmallows, and syrupy toppings. It was a sundae lover’s dream. I was surprised by many of their choices but said nothing because I didn’t want to hinder their excitement. After their bowls were filled to the brim, they had the shop owner weigh their bowls and headed to our table.

It was then that I went to make my sundae. Of course this distracted my little sweeties from eating their own frosty treats and all three had to follow me around and learn from my expert sundae building skills.

Sadly, they did not like my choice of peanut butter yogurt. They loudly protested when I added nuts, but when I made it to the fresh fruit, they realized there was no fresh fruit in their bowls. Things went sour from there.

They all ran to get their already full and melting bowls to add fruit. I reminded them that the nice man at theregister had already weighed their bowls. I promised to get some fruit for each of them.

I added a few blueberries and cherries to my bowl and went to pay for ALL of our goodies.

Eating their sundaes my children became sundae connoisseurs commenting on each bite. wormy-ice-cream-1It was fun to listen, but as I looked in their bowls, I had a hard time finding their sundaes appetizing. They had worms in their ice cream.

They weren’t real worms. They were sour gummy worms. I asked them how the wormy ice cream was and they replied with great enthusiasm that it was the BEST ice cream ever!

After contemplating the message I wanted to share in this post, I realized that my children really showed me what to write.

It’s OK to have worms in your ice cream, if you like them. Enjoy the simple, salty and sweet pleasures of life. Be proud of the things you make, even if you made them differently than someone else may have. Show interest in the efforts of others. It makes our adventures together much more enjoyable and memorable.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I still don’t like worms in my ice cream.





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