Angel food Cake – A Tradition of Grace

Angel food Cake – A Tradition of Grace

Graceful Tradition


Angel food cake has always been a dessert I enjoy. For my birthday I often request it or gooey butter cake for my treat. When spring or fall suppers roll around at our church, I usually bake one or two angel food cakes for the dessert table and country store. This was a tradition shared by Miss Grace, one of the sweetest ladies I ever met.

Grace was a petite woman with a huge heart. She grew up in Loose Creek, less than 10 miles from the home where she and her husband Albert raised their 11 children. Miss Grace was kind and devoted. She was steadfast in her faith and worked until a job was done. She was a picture of simple dignity.

Miss Grace passed away a few years ago and her loss was a huge hit to her husband, children, grandchildren, and our parish family. The first spring dinner after her passing I made my usual angel food cake. As I dropped my cake off at the country store, one of her daughter-in-laws hugged me and said she was so glad to see an angel food cake on the table. That cake reminded her of Grace.

Up until that point, I did not realize that I shared Miss Grace’s angel food tradition, but I fully20170326_065239.jpg recognized the importance of keeping it going. This spring I made two cakes. One was for the country story and one was for the dessert table; they were both for Miss Grace.

I like to think of Miss Grace, in her angel wings, smiling down on my efforts. It makes me really happy to know she is there with Albert, her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren at our parish functions. This tradition of grace is one that I look forward to perpetuating. I hope you have a graceful tradition that enhances your life.

When you find someone or something in your life that is worth making into a tradition. Make that tradition happen.  Share your traditions with others. Energy and intent provide validity and vigor to your practices and makes life worth living.

png 1 Please share your traditions. What do you do to help keep your family and friends’ celebrations alive? How do you preserve the impacts of those you have encountered? What is your Tradition of Grace?

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. We can’t all make angel food cakes. We need some other desserts. What would people say if all we had to sell was angel food cake? I call dibs on angel food cake for the fall supper.





6 thoughts on “Angel food Cake – A Tradition of Grace

  1. My favorite family tradition is…During the Christmas season, my parents always made Divinity and gave it to all of our relatives. After my mom passed, Dad and I made it. Now that Dad has passed, my daughter and I make it.

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    1. Dana, my aunt makes Divinity too! That is a wonderful and sweet tradition. I am sure your mom and dad enjoy watching you carry on the tradition, as much as everyone enjoys the Divinity. Thank you for sharing!


  2. I love angel food cake too. I remember my maternal grandmother made them a lot with a yummy strawberry glaze, but rarely offered my sister and brother and I any. [She was not a nice grandmother.] But I remember once my grandfather (a very nice man) was looking after me while she was gone and gave me two slices. I’ll never forget that.

    Strangely my favorite traditions are ones that my husband taught me. He is from Czech Republic. Until I met him I never really celebrated Christmas Eve. Now it’s my favorite holiday day of the year. I make either a fish dish or Wiener Shnitzel with potato salad. For dessert I always make something with lots of berries or fruit. Then we light the fireplace and exchange presents with a glass of champagne. When my little pet parrot was alive he used to help us unwrap the presents. He passed away about a month ago. One aspect of the night will be a little sad this year.

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      1. Intentergy, thank you so much for sharing the post about your Grandpa. It made me feel some tears coming to my eyes, as well.

        It makes me sad to think that my husband never met either of my grandfathers. My paternal grandfather died when I was 8 year sold. The other grandfather I mentioned died just before my husband could meet him. It is very sad that the only time my husband saw him was at his viewing.

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