Focused Energy…Where Does It Go?

Where Focus Goes

I would love to blame my inability to successfully focus on the phases of the moon, or my kids’ schedules, or the incurability of freckles but the reality is that I have failed to give myself focus and therefore my energy has gone spastic this summer, but I’m working on it.

png 1 Spastic energy results in ineffective effort.

png 1 Ineffective effort results in failure on epic levels.

What is wrong with me????

png 1 Nothing.

I just need focus.

As of late my problems include a schedule that is too full and a wonderful stomach virus (that might or might not last up to three weeks). It is swimsuit season and, well, swimsuit season is self-awareness season. (Stupid swimsuits.)

Summer is a season of fresh fruits and vegetables and I want to eat them all. My flower beds are running over with blooms and weeds. So many flowers…so little time. Too many weeds…too little time.

There are so many beautiful colors and flavors and activities. How can we expect ourselves to stay focused?

Seriously! Spastic attention apparently goes with spastic energy.

Here is what must be done. Our intent has to have focus for energy to flow well.

Where focus goes…energy flows.

I have found that if I care for my flower beds first thing in the morning, the weeds are gone, the flowers are happy, and the fresh air charges my brain and body.

Posting a big and bold activities schedule guides the family on where we need to be and when we need to be there. Sticking to my monthly menu helps with managing our grocery budget and the healthy intake of good foods.

As for the swim suits, I just remind myself that everyone thinks swimsuits are dumb so I don’t need to worry about anyone judging my appearance in the stupid swimsuit.

When it comes to enjoying the amazing activities and food provided by this time of year, we just have to chose the ones that are best for us and stick to the plan. If we dedicate our energy to taking in the events and menu we commit to, the days go much smoother and we feel better. (This doesn’t mean you should totally ignore a few opportunities for a spontaneous picnic with the kids or a nature walk when a beautiful evening beckons.)

If you find yourself swimming in a pool of crazy, hop out, take a deep breath, and line up your intents. Establishing clear focus will give your energy stronger flow and your mind fewer paths to stumble down. Where focus goes…energy flows. Happy summer!

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Did I mention that swimsuits are dumb?







7 thoughts on “Focused Energy…Where Does It Go?

    1. Go ahead and giggle. It makes me laugh too. Once I work out some of my anxiety with laughter, I am ready to get focused. That 18 month old is giving you something tremendous to focus on now. 🙂

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