Vacation Food is…better


Sunny Salmon and Aspargus Salad

Sunny Salmon and Asparagus Salad from Bahama Bistro in Osage Beach, Missouri

I LOVE food. My BFF loves food. We always love food, but on vacation…food is just better.

The beauty of vacation eating is that it is usually:

a. fresh

b. made by someone else

c. free of dish washing duty

d. something you don’t usually get to eat

As we embarked on our annual girls retreat, my BFF and I savored the menu planning portion. (Did I mention we love food?)

Our dining plans included two new recipes (guacamole and brushetta), picking up fresh eats from the local deli, and taking in the tastes of local restaurants.

Most of our snack and meal choices were healthy, but we made sure to pick up the necessary sweets to add to the vacation’s taste value.

guacamoleI must say everything was awesome. The guacamole and bruschetta were perfectly mixed proportions of fruit and veggies. Plus we had the chance to try out Beanitos, black bean chips. Those chips are really good (and pretty healthy). The pre-made shis-kabobs from the deli were the ideal amount of protein and NO dish washing for our relaxation purposes.

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad on Tomato Bed with Summer Fruit

The Bahama Bistro was our local restaurant choice. The menu and decor were upbeat and unique. My Sunny Salmon Asparagus salad was perfect. I also gave the lobster bisque a try and LOVED it. The crunchy croutons were a pairing made in paradise for the creamy bisque. BFF chose the special of the day: chicken salad on a tomato bed with fresh summer fruits. WOW! It was beautiful and delicious and sooooo much fruit. I definitely recommend the Bahama Bistro in Osage Beach, Missouri.

GelatoMy favorite sweet on this trip had to be my first taste of mint chocolate gelato. Not sure what the difference between gelato and regular ice cream is, but I know there will be a future blog post about it. The gelato was creamy, cold, and the just right way to end my day.

While this post reads like a food critique (it kind of is), there is also an Intentergy lesson to be learned. Our girls retreat may have been two days of relaxing and eating, but it was also a time to be grateful for friends and celebrate the delicious things in life.

Make time for your own getaway or a mini-taste retreat. Try a new recipe or pick up something fresh to enjoy. Give a new recipe a try or dine in at a new restaurant. Try something different. Bring your friends along. Put energy into enjoying the tasty times in life and each day will be that much sweeter.

by: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I love food.



20 thoughts on “Vacation Food is…better

  1. I am a complete foodie too. Food is an important part of my life…keeps the sulky cringy me away for good! Plus I totally agree about the vacation food part, no duties attached..haha. Keep spreading the sweetness.

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  2. Oooh, vacation food is no cooking, no washing up, no grocery shop and just eat with a smile in opulence! Well, maybe not every meal, but I do have a fund saved just to be able to max out opportunities!! So agree with trying something new too, something that I’d look at at home and just see mega washing up. Bit like watching chefs on cooking programmes thinking wow, that looks really good…but boy have your back team git some serious cleaning to do! Great post Melanie and looks like you had an amazing time too 😊

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      1. Too right there is. Especially if you are the one normally doing all the cooking (that being me here lol). I’m trying to keep in touch more of late too with bloggers who were there when I started 🙂

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      2. I try, but I’m way behind in my writing now!! Signed up for July’s CampNaNoWriMo though in order to attempt to hit the 20,000 words needed to end a book project. Got yo try and get this social media versus writing balance right!!!?

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      3. I wish haha! Bit out of practice, but I really want to finish this book ASAP now! Starts on July 1st so we shall soon find out and thank you for the support 😊

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  3. Man everything looks great! I love food as well and I absolutely hate washing dishes! So yes, vacation food is a big plus!…The only thing I hate is when I’ve gone on a vacation or outing and the food is not good! Nothing more awful than going on a great trip but not enjoying any of the new foods that you have tried! lol…Love this post!

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    1. Adrianna, I worry sometimes about poor dining out experiences but we usually turn them into long standing jokes afterwards …”Remember the time you ordered….” Thanks for the sweet comments!

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  4. A couple times a year I have a chance to visit my cousin (who is my dearest friend) and we have a long girls weekend. We rarely have a set plan but just enjoy the days reading, wandering around shops, talking and laughing over glasses of wine, and enjoying meals out. She lives near a metropolitan area so there are so many choices. I love the opportunities to dine out, not only because I get to try new foods but also the luxury of having someone else do the cooking and cleaning! These weekends are restorative – time for deep talks, a time to mentally recharge. I never fail to feel better after one.

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