A Good Kick in the Teeth – Wise Words Wednesday

A Good Kick in the Teeth

I worked for Disney World (like a lifetime ago) as a performer in the theme parks. I LOVED working at Disney. I loved the work, the people, and living in Orlando; it was a dream come true. In the events following 9-11 there was not as much work for the employees of Disney. (It was hard to be happy, even in the happiest place on Earth, as America reeled from the attacks on our country.) After a few months of struggling to make ends meet and suffering from the distance between my family and myself, I made the decision to move back to Missouri. It was like a kick in the teeth. I smiled through my decision but it was a tough one.

Today I am so glad I had to make that move. A few months after returning home, I got a call to become a teacher, literally.Β (Thank you, Dawn!)Β One year into my teaching program, I ended up on a blind date with the man who became my husband. Β Today I have an amazing life (17 hours away from Disney World) and I am smiling a sincere and grateful smile.

Walt Disney knew something about getting kicked around. He faced ups and downs and made the impossible possible. Today his vision continues to inspire, entertain, and delight millions, if not billions.

If you are facing a huge set back in your life, I hope you will find the strength to smile through the pain and understand the there can be a “good kick in the teeth.” It might be painful and heart-wrenching now, but the future may hold something that really makes you smile.

There may be someone you encounter who is going through one of those “kicks in the teeth;” be the thing that makes them smile or remind them of the Mr. Disney’s words. Put energy into turning negative situations positive and help yourself or your loved ones ease the pain of the now and feel the power of the future.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. It is still NEVER okay to kick anyone in the teeth. (This message brought to you by my children. They were appalled at the title of today’s post.) πŸ™‚


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