The Power of “Yet”

The Power of Yet

Do you know the power of “Yet”?

The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu is a book by Joshua Hammer. I learned about The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu on Goodreads and I want desperately to read it. However, after laboring through the first few chapters, I realized that I do not possess enough knowledge about Timbuktu, Mali, or the plight of the Islamic peoples as they have been tortured by Al Qaeda. The words of Adbel Kader Haidara, the original Bad-Ass, were beautiful, terrifying at times, and wonderfully descriptive, but my ignorance of how to pronounce and process many of the words left me feeling lost. After page 70, I put the book back on my “To Read” list. I just wasn’t smart enough for this book.

When I told my husband about being confounded by the book, he told me that I would get it; I just might have to read it a few times. He was hinting at the “Yet.”

The Power of Yet 3.jpgA few days after re-shelving The Bad-Ass Librarians, I was speaking to my friend Donna. We were discussing The End of Your Life Book Club and the reads that were recommended in it. It was fun to compare what she had read to what I had read and what we both still wanted to read. It was then that I told her about Hammer’s book. I shared my disappointment in myself for not being educated enough to read the book. That is when Donna reminded me of the power of “Yet.”

She said, “NO. You just aren’t smart enough… yet. If I know you, I know you will find a way to understand that book.”

Her vote of confidence in me and the reminder of “yet” were motivation for me to seek greater understanding.

I asked our local librarian to order an audio copy of the novel.

I thought, if I could listen to the book while I read, it would help me understand and envision the story. She told me about Hoopla, a service offered to library card holders for accessing thousands of titles. (She even gave me a cool bookmark about it.) Well, what do you know? There was an audio copy available for FREE on Hoopla!

Using the world wide web, I found a free map of Northern Africa with the details I might need to visualize the routes and locations mentioned in the book.

Now, I just had to get my hands back on the novel. I have my request in to receive it  upon its return to the library. I don’t know if I am smart enough to read it, but I am getting a whole lot closer to that almighty “yet”.

The Power of Yet 2

What is it in your life that needs the power of “yet”

Is it to quit smoking? Is it to make more time for your family? Is it to pursue your dream job? Is it to make a check up with your doctor? Is is to start saving money? Is it to ask out that special someone? Is it to lose weight or start working out? What is your “yet”?

Your Intentergy challenge for today is to start finding the power to reach your “yet”. Put energy and intent into seeking the resources and motivation to make your “yet” happen. Be positive about your ability to reach that “yet”. Know that your “yet” may be tough to attain, but be reassured you just haven’t got there … yet.

by: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Unlike the Yeti, your “yet” is very real. You can find it. (No one has found the Yeti yet.)

P.P.S. When I have finished The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu, you can bet that I’m gonna write about it.

Be sure to check out The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu by Joshua Hammer ISBN: 987-1-4767-7740-5



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