The Heroics of Parenting

The beauty of cinema is that it often has the power to put into words what we most need to hear at the toughest times in our lives.

This summer my husband and I took our kiddos to see Incredibles 2. As the film progressed it was clearly a flick for both kids and parents. There were many powerful messages for parents who doubt their “super” status in the realm of child rearing and a number of messages for kids about the importance of always doing what you know is right.

EdnaIn a scene where Bob (the dad) is at his wit’s end about being a good dad, Edna (the family’s designer) shares a powerful message. One that we need to remind ourselves of often. “Done properly parenting is a heroic act.”

The elements of “properly” and “heroic” give this statement some serious intentergy.

When we, as parents, recognize that being a mom or dad is the toughest job around, we accept the challenge to be heroic.

As we parents will our way through helping with those spelling lists and word problems, remember that whining, feet-dragging, pencil-chewing kiddo was once you. Stay strong. Soon the days will come when they no longer need your help and you would stretch to any lengths to be back on their radar.

“Done properly parenting is a heroic act.”

wont eatWhile our little stinkers may not make it in and out of the tub as quickly as we would like, we have to keep encouraging them to take care of themselves and hope that someday they will remember we are the ones who super scrubbed their ouchies and boo boos and made life smell a little sweeter. While it feels like you are forcing supper down their throats, remember you are providing them with what they need to grow and be healthy. Not everyone will eat broccoli or steak or anything but cookies, however, you can use stealthy means of making the food they eat as healthy as possible. Call it your “health stealth.”

“Done properly parenting is a heroic act.”

jackWhen our minions just can’t get along with one another, flex your super patience muscles and show them what it is to be forgiving, patient, and a problem-solver.

“Done properly parenting is a heroic act.”

We can’t all wear capes. (It just isn’t safe.) We can’t all fly or have superhuman strength, but we can all put our intentergy into being the best parent, teacher, child, or friend possible. Support one another and form a legion of happy, healthy humans. Put positive energy into your efforts solving the problems within your own little world and you will have properly tackled the art of being a parent/child/hero.

By: Melanie A. Peters

Bob sleepP.S. They really need to quit changing math, AAA and AA batteries really do need a bigger difference in their packaging, and reds really need to stop making whites pink. For some reason we always need eggs. Bob and I both really just need to sleep.


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