Dr. Mary Deeken, will you please have lunch with me? – Sincerely, Intentergy

Hello Dr. Deeken,

Ten years ago you allowed a crazy, pregnant lady to meet with you prior to the birth of her first child. You were kind and patient and, as that same crazy mom continued to bring all three of her babies, you showed the same dedication and compassion. Thank you!

Clearly, I was that crazy lady and through all the chaos of childhood injuries, immunizations, and illnesses you cared for my kiddos and provided answers for any questions I may have had. As I move forward as a mom and a writer, I want to take to you to lunch and talk about the lessons you have learned as a mom, a wife, and a care provider.

I know you would not let a little thing like retirement keep you from keeping busy, so your schedule is probably just as booked as always, but it would mean the world to this crazy lady to have lunch with you.

How did you keep your cool when parents were so unreasonable with their requests or demands? How did you find such wonderful ways to calm those cranky babies? How in the world did you balance your career and home life with your own large and loving family? Where did you come up with the term “goofy poof”? These are things I am eager to discuss with you.

Are there still things you wish you could tell parents? What is the one thing you wish you had not told parents? What do you eat for breakfast to keep you going? Have you ever thought about writing your own book?

Seriously, this may have to be a five-course meal, but you have many wonderful ideas to share.

Dr. Deeken, you are an inspiration to so many and I want the chance to have one more visit with you. No stethoscope. No screaming kids. No stickers or bandaids required.

I created this blog to share positive energy and there are few people whom I have encountered that embody Intentergy more than you. Please consider joining me for lunch to share some of your wisdom and grace. I promise to be much calmer than the first time we met.


Melanie A. Peters
Intentergy’s Source

P.S. If you would call the server “goofy poof,” I will buy you dessert.


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