The Thunder Tree

The Thunder Tree – 2020

“God must have needed a good horse in heaven.”

On August 26th the family and friends of Healing Horses said good-bye to Thunder.

Thunder was a wonder horse.

He was a 20 year-old barrel racing, trail riding, four-legged dream-fulfiller. Thunder’s loss was sudden and has left a hole in many hearts. As we seek to fill that gelding-sized gap, a “Thunder Tree” has been planted.

Just outside the arena where he trained with many riders, a new silver oak has taken root. Soon it will proudly brandish a plaque in Thunder’s honor.

The loss of a good horse is never easy, but the beauty and grace in which Sadie, Thunder’s special girl, has approached his death has helped all of our hearts to find solace in the knowledge that he moved on to a bigger and better arena with the angels.

Thunder and Sadie

The night of his passing, Sadie shared the beautiful belief that “God must have needed a good horse in heaven.”

No doubt heavenly hooves must have galloped to greet Thunder as our tears were falling here on Earth.

Sadie’s innocent incite inspired her to appropriately give the new tree’s planting an added healing purpose as she named the silver oak planted in his honor, The Thunder Tree.

As the Thunder Tree grows, its strength will serve to cool and reassure riders and spectators alike. In its branches the Thunder Tree is certain to provide secure homes for the critters who build their nests, just as Thunder gave support to those who learned to ride and care for him.

Today I encourage anyone who is feeling alone, sad, or missing someone special to plant a positive memory in your heart or seek out a way to grow in your grace and fondness for that loved one or that which makes you happy. Let your energy and purpose be fruitful as you celebrate the good they brought to your life. Hopefully the joy found in your efforts will overshadow your sadness as you continue to find the right ways to say good-bye or move onto brighter days.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. The Thunder Tree is ready for its grand debut at the Healing Horse Fun Show on Saturday, September 26th. Be sure to stop by and pay tribute to one of heaven’s newest horses. Check out their Facebook page for more info.


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