What You Take In… Wise Words Wednesday

Doritos are not allowed in my house. Not in the snack size, family size, or the party size. Doritos are not allowed in my house in any size, shape, flavor, or package.


I will eat them.

That’s why.

If I have Doritos, I will eat them. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

On a camping trip this summer, I splurged and bought a bag of those delectable Doritos and said to myself, “I’m going to be on vacation. I want to eat like I’m on vacation.”

And I did.

A large portion of that bag was consumed by me. And a large portion of the next two days were drug down by a terrible stomach ache. (My stomach apparently does not share my love for those triangular treats.)

In deciding to devour those Doritos, I knowingly made the choice to eat what I knew was not good for me and consequently my stomach suffered (and punished the rest of me). Our choices in life are like that bag of Doritos. What we put into ourselves will ultimately impact how we think, feel, and act.

Your diet is not only what you eat.

If there is a food that you know will make you sick, don’t you normally avoid that food or at least exercise some self-control (Darn Doritos!)?

The rest of your choices should follow the same ideology.

If there is a person, place, activity, or environment that you know will create an unhealthy situation, don’t allow that negative or hurtful element to be a portion of your life.

Cut back on the negativity or those that you know are unreliable. Set limits for exposing yourself to people and places that you know are going abuse, injure, or damage you and the things you care about.

Avoid the temptations that have weighed down your heart and mind in the past. Drop the weight of the sadness and regret by only taking in what you know is good and healthy for you.

Put some serious Intentergy into cutting back on the bad and increasing the intake of positive energy. Self-reflection on your past or current situations will allow you to identify what has added to your physical and emotional ailments. Prevent those pains by purposefully leaving them out of your plans. Avoid watching, listening, reading, and surrounding yourself with outlets of negativity. Only tune into sources of joy, growth, and support. What you take in will always impact what you put out. Let your intake be worthy of your Intentergy.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I personally have nothing against Doritos. Please don’t unfollow me for my distancing from Doritos.

P.P.S. What are somethings you know you need to cut back on to allow room for your daily dose of Intentergy?


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