Blank Terror #BlogBattle

“Sign here, please.” – Words that strike fear into hearts every minute of every day.

“Sign here, please.” – What do these words imply?

They imply agreement, sacrifice, and worst of all – commitment.

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When I think of blank terror, I always remember the scene in Disney’s The Little Mermaid where Ariel is so desperate to become human that she signs away her voice in exchange for a chance to meet Prince Eric.

Everything in her body language says, “I really don’t want to do this,” but, if you’ve seen the movie, you know in her heart she felt like she HAD to sign it.

What is the scariest blank you ever had to sign?

When paying bills, spelling out the payment amount can be problematic, but penning your signature to the blank in the bottom righthand corner is the most painful. Your signature means your hard-earned money systematically vanishes from your account faster than the ink dries. The same goes for those handy-dandy signature pads waiting for a John Hancock with each swipe of your credit card. That “Sign here” is an agreement to fulfill a future payment. Terrifying stuff!

2021 is kind of like those frightening blanks waiting for a sign of our commitment.

What are we going to sign off on this year?

It’s hard to say, but I think, documenting what you want to dedicate yourself to in this New Year will make fulfilling those commitments much less petrifying and much more possible. Blank terror does not have to be the motivating factor for our forward movement. We can face the upcoming months with optimism and determination to be successful because that’s what we signed up for.

Be like Ariel. Ask your heart what it wants. Then ask your mind what you need. Once you establish what it is that you desire most, I encourage you to share your goals for 2021 and establish concrete objectives for your focus. Let others know how you plan to measure your successes and sign them up as your personal cheerleaders. You don’t have to sign in blood or sacrifice your voice but establishing accountability is a great way to get past the formidable fear that comes from commitment to something new or daring.

Nothing says energy with a positive purpose like facing blank terror and signing off on a willingness to improve ourselves and our lives. Do it. Look that bad-ass blank in the eye and tell it who’s boss. You can’t be afraid of opportunities or sea witches. Neither one can control you if you don’t let them. Be careful what you sign up for but always know that adding your autograph to a goal is a most wickedly wonderful way to fill in the emotional, social, and financial blanks in your life. Do it. Find what is missing in your existence and enroll yourself in a plan to embrace opportunity and fulfillment.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. What are you signing up for this year?

Blank #BlogBattle


13 thoughts on “Blank Terror #BlogBattle

  1. Great inspiration for starting the year. Your statement about writing down our goals reminded me of the ‘kick in the butt’ I needed when attending one of your workshops convinced me my website really wasn’t the enemy. 🙂 And as far as those signature pads – what really scares me about them is stores accept your card these days with no signature whatsoever … yikes! Always enjoy your upbeat messages!

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  2. This reminded me of some of the pacts we had when we were kids. We’d write our goals and then sign our names, sometimes even leaving a drop of blood to make it more real.

    Why don’t we do that as adults? Your post prompts us to give it a try. Thanks for the motivation.

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  3. Happy New Year Melanie. It’s sure been a while since we crossed paths! I do hope you’re doing well amidst this strange world and it’s global pandemic.

    This post had me in those updated policies social media and assorted sites use. Agree to the terms or you can’t use the site. Not exactly a choice…well there is, but it’s a forced yes I want to use this or no I don’t. If you’ve invested time then it’s a rock and a hard place where they have you over a barrel.

    Love the usual positive mental attitude and message you always tap into. Very inspiring given this year we’ve started in a worse place than we ended the last one in here. I rather think I need goals this year too. Less saying that and more doing. Thanks for the reminder!

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      1. Somehow I thought you’d get that forced yes straight away. The more you think on this subject the more things you can see being signed away. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to actually step back now and then and think more about what you’re actually doing.

        Bit like signing for a delivery… who checks deep enough to ensure what you receive isn’t damaged???

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  4. This sums it up really well: “Blank terror does not have to be the motivating factor for our forward movement. We can face the upcoming months with optimism and determination to be successful because that’s what we signed up for.” Thank you for the encouragement! I’m signing up for better prioritizing what is most important, worthwhile, good to do, etc. 🙂

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