Breaking News: Plane Lands Safely

In the last few weeks, I’ve had two friends going through a tough time with their kiddos and school. So tough, in fact, that both transferred to a different school. When my gal pal, Cindy, reached out to let me know of their decision, I shot a quick text to our friend Lisa letting her know we are here if she or her kiddos need us. Change is hard, but leaving one negative situation to face a new, overwhelming one can be a lot to take. I didn’t want them to feel like they were alone. After sending love, support, and humor in our texts, Lisa thanked me for reaching out to her. I told her to not spread the news of my goodness; I didn’t want people to think I had gone soft. She sent back, “Ha!! Good news doesn’t seem to travel as fast as bad news, so your secret’s probably safe for a little while. LOL”

It made me sad to think about the snail-mail pace of positive reports and a story that had come across the morning news reaffirming this depressing dispatch. Lisa’s situation and the CBS Morning News inspired me to put some Intentergy into broadcasting some cheerful correspondence.

I’m not a huge fan of the morning news, but my husband loves it. I just don’t understand choosing to start our day with war, political unrest, hate crimes, spoiled celebrities, and continued coverage of COVID-19. On the “CBS Morning Show,” they previewed a new program hosted by Tony Dokoupil called, “The Uplift.” When asked about the reasoning behind his new show, he explained that the shows’ purpose was to combat an old adage in news reporting that says, “Plane Lands Safely is not news.” This tragic adage translates to the fact that news reports are typically focused on the bad in our world and leaving out the good.

Yikes! How is it that what we consider the most pressing of information to be the most depressing?

Today, I want to push for a shift in our reporting focus. I want everyone to announce something good, right, or successful that has or is happing in their lives. (Feel free to leave your successes in the comments below!)

I want GOOD news. Our world NEEDS good news.

Not just news that’s considered “juicy gossip” or “scandalizing situations,” but stories that remind us what it is to be creative, happy, perfectly-imperfect, and connected. (I’m not stealing Tony Dokoupil’s thunder but rather jumping on his bandwagon.)

When talking about “The Uplift,” Tony did go on to say that he believes most people are good. “The Uplift” is focused on positive stories that shed light on heartening situations and positive things that are happening in our nation. This show will air once a week on CBS.

I think we should broadcast miracle babies being born, airplanes safely landing, and old dogs learning new tricks daily. We need frequent exposés on exciting discoveries in faith and science fairs, and learning to support our communities through lemonade stands and leaning on one another when times are tough. Yes, there are atrocities in the world that deserve attention, but filling every snapshot of our world with unrest is a very uncool thing to do.

Today, I want you to report on any planes that safely land in your world. I challenge you to change the way you spread news. Consider sharing a funny story or a successful situation from your life in place of gossiping about the family next door or celebrating the failures and shortcomings of celebrities you don’t know personally. Put positivity at the center of your communication, and it is bound to reach the masses with a multitude of reassuring responses. Planes will land without incident, old dogs will learn some snazzy new tricks, beautiful babies will be born, and there will always be good news to report, so get out there and make some noise for good news.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Please don’t broadcast my status as a softy.

Guest Blogging Opportunity:

I’m inviting friends from different careers to share their secrets to staying sane and maintaining motivation in jobs that many could never contrive calling their own. If you have a job that most would consider tough to maintain motivation and would like to share ways you are winning in the battle of being positive at work, please contact me. I’d love to share your story! (So far I have guest bloggers including: social worker, police officer, and teacher.)


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