Band-aids Only Cover Up the Hurt

Band-aids Only Cover Up the Hurt

Band-aids only cover up the pain.jpg

We have a “No Blood = No Band-aid” rule at my house. I know this sounds kind of mean but my kids would go through a box of band-aids every day, if I didn’t enforce this.

There is something about covering up a boo-boo that seems to make it feel better but does the cover-up really help?

I am as guilty as anyone about covering up my hurts with busy work or eating chocolate. Sometimes I feel the need to lash out because of my shortcomings or put up a front when I just don’t know what to do in a situation. These are my behavior band-aids.

Think about the ways you cover up hurt in your life. Is it food? Alcohol? Shopping? Unhealthy relationships? What do you do to fill the empty spaces in your heart? 

Once you have identified the your emotional or behavior band-aids, rip them off. Send them packing. Put them in the trashcan marked “The Past.”

After releasing the band-aids, you will find that healing comes more quickly. You will receive less attention for the things that weaken you and more notice for the healthy joy you bring to your encounters.

Band-aids only cover up the hurt. Covering up the hurt binds it to us. Binding the hurt to our hearts takes up our energy and ability to love.

Love yourself enough to let forgiveness and peace move you past emotional and physical pain. When your energy and intent are directed toward healing, the feel-goods overpower old pains and you become a healthier, happier person.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Let it go! Peace will set you free.





8 thoughts on “Band-aids Only Cover Up the Hurt

  1. Cracking post my friend whom I’ve not visited half as often as you deserve! Love the parallel with bandaid concerning safety blanket feel better comfort foibles. Many of which drift unnoticed into addiction territory. It’s a very good idea to, at least once a week, stop and consider things we do out of habit and ask why? Then rationalise how that cycle can be brought to an end so life can move more freely.

    Thanks for the reminder!

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      1. When you’ve travelled in a similar path then you can see it far easier in friends by what they say and write. It something I never want to see in others. Ergo, I’m big on getting the message out about MH and the many ways that can influence a person unnoticed, not only by other people, but also by the one struggling with it. Default mind takeover is usually the first pit we fall into. When executive brain stops decision making and underneath habits forge those band aids so patch up the troubles. Then we start avoiding dealing with the issue and addictive cyclic behaviour ensues and the potential for developing more problems on top grows.

        Your messages needs, on topic, to keep recycling. Positivity needs to become the new habit, the band aid that glows in the dark and says HERE I AM,


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