There’s a Biscuit in the Bath Towels

Biscuit in the Bathtowels (1)

I don’t remember why I went to the linen closet. I was too surprised by the biscuit in the bath towels to remember what had guided me there.

After announcing that there was a biscuit in the bath towels, I saw a shy grin form on the face of my six-year old. “Mom, sorry. I left it there when I was getting my band-aids yesterday.”

This made me smile because the band-aid situation had been pretty funny too.

The previous day my son proudly made his way outside to play without wearing a shirt. There is just something liberating for little boys when they discover that they don’t have to wear a shirt in the summer time. Any way….

Our dog jumped up and scratched my son’s side. He came in showed me the battle wound. I asked if he would be okay and he said, “Yes, but I might need a band-aid.” I replied, “No blood. No band-aid.”

A short time later, my son came out of his bedroom, with not one, but four band-aids over the scratch. Mind you, these were not your standard bandages. There was a 4″ gauze with backing, a 3″ knee cap bandage, and two regular band-aids. Apparently this scratch was a big deal. Big enough to almost necessitate a tourniquet and the forgetting of a biscuit on the bath towels.

I didn’t yell about the band-aids. I simply asked him to please throw away the bandage wrappers scattered on his bedroom floor. If I had known about the biscuit, I would have ordered its disposal as well.

Today, I can smile about the band-aids and the biscuit because he cleaned up both, but yesterday it would have been a little bit tougher. This is a situation that teaches many lessons:

  1. Hide the band-aids
  2. Scratches are serious. You should probably stop making lunch and console your six year-old immediately after the scratch is received.
  3. Hide the biscuits as soon as breakfast is finished or they might pop up in your linen closet.
  4. Warn shirtless boys of the dangers of puppy nails. Those scratches can be life-threatening.
  5. Parenthood fails to be glamorous on many levels.
  6. Allowing my son to right the wrongs of his band-aid incident provided humor for me and the opportunity for my son to know it’s okay to be imperfect; just clean up the mess when you are done.
  7. Just clean up the mess when you are done.
  8. Smile and enjoy the innocence of your children. They may get into some pretty silly predicaments, but they are always learning from their experiences and our reactions to their antics.
  9. When you go to the linen closet, write down what you were doing. There may be a biscuit in there that distracts you.

Biscuit in the Bathtowels (2)Embrace the biscuits in your bath towels. Love your children. Make learning moments out of the scratchy situations. Allow those learning moments be sources of joy for you and your family.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. What is the weirdest thing your kids left for you to find?






6 thoughts on “There’s a Biscuit in the Bath Towels

  1. This was one of those absolutely love funny stories! I’m sure you’ll tell this story again and again in the future.

    I never had kids, but I’ve had a couple of parrots, and they can be pretty clever and funny, too. Little bird poop can show up in the very strangest places, believe me. The ceiling, behind the couch, on my nose, in my underwear OOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I hope there weren’t too many biscuits in your bath towels but I do hope there are plenty of funny memories to last a lifetime with your son. 🙂


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