Passion isn’t Part Time

LeBeautique Passion

Owning your dream business is never a part time endeavor (no matter how often it is open). Christina (LeBeau) Rogers and Kylie (LeBeau) Dickneite are the owners of LeBeautique in Westphalia, Missouri. While the shop is only open a few days a week, their passion for the boutique and their clients is anything but part time.

Recently, Kylie told me she had her dream job, “even if it’s only part time.” Anyone who speaks to these ladies knows their passion for the boutique is definitely full time. The sisters are always thinking about which customer would be perfect for the newest romper or what accessories they can find to go with the cute boots coming in this fall. Constantly on the search for items that will bring joy to their customers, Christina and Kylie make their shopping all about the future.

LeBeautique 3In March of 2016 the LeBeau sisters opened LeBeautique after their friend Carrie asked, “Why don’t you LeBeau girls do something with that space up there?” Carrie is the owner/operator of The Stone House Salon. The front two rooms of the Stone House had sat empty for some time. That space would soon become LeBeautique. Kylie and Christina has always enjoyed the sport of shopping and frequently aspired to open their own shop. Carrie’s prompt was their jumping off point.

The sisters quickly filled their shop with home décor, accessories, and fashion items adding lines including: Corkcicle, 1803 Candles (Illinois), Gaylord Soap Company (Jefferson City, MO), Vital Boost (Jefferson City, MO), and Simply Southern. Christine’s daughter Mallorey has even gotten in on the fun making bath balls for the boutique.

LeBeautique 1Shopping isn’t their only passion though. With their friend Amanda Libbert, the sisters also run a successful photography business from the front rooms of the Stone House. CR Portraits has been a part of their sisterly/business owner bond since 2004. The space and light of the location makes for terrific portraits and allows the ladies’ creative vision to take shape through the subjects of their photos. Check out their work at

LeBeautique 7Upon visiting LeBeautique, I discovered why Christina and Kylie were so passionate about their sweet, little shop. It is filled with things that make you laugh and fall in love. The cute messages on the photo frames, pillows, home decor signs, and jewelry melt your heart and make for perfect gifts. The clothes… well, the clothes are adorable. The time and attention paid to each item brought into the store is a true compliment to the passion that flows into the shop.

My focus with Intentergy is to share energy with positive purpose. Kylie and Christina’s LeBeautique shares the same goal. They are seeking to bring beautiful gifts and clothing into the lives of their clients, while fueling their passion.

If you have a passion that needs purpose, take this challenge to find some space in your life and do what those LeBeau girls did and “do something with that space.”

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Never let your passion be part time.

P.P.S. To find out the hours for LeBeautique you can check out their Facebook page (any time) at




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