Foggy Minds – Wise Words Wednesday

Foggy Minds – Wise Words Wednesday


Clearly I cannot take credit for this image, but I can thank the nice people at Pinterest for providing such terrific inspiration for today’s post. Thank you, Pinterest.

Life is chaotic. Holidays are crazy. My brain is foggy.

So many people I have spoken to lately seem to be suffering from foggy brains also. I don’t know if it is the cloud of too much to do, or too many things to remember, or just sinus pressure that is affecting us but there are some serious cases of foggy brain going around.

The treatment for foggy brain is different for all of us. We all have our pressure fronts that move in an out. We all have precipitation and draught issues, but there are a few simple things that can be done to relieve foggy brain symptoms.

png 1 Rest: take time to clear you schedule and mind.

png 1 Hydrate: drink lots of water and healthy stuff. Wine may dull the fog but only adds to the befuddlement later.

png 1 Be Kind: show yourself kindness and demonstrate compassion for other foggy brain sufferers. You never know what might be clouding their thoughts. 🙂

png 1 Prioritize: organize your to-do’s. A game plan will always give you a clearer perspective.

Energy with clarity is much more powerful than the fog on your brain. Give your mind some positive purpose, dispel the clouds of confusion, and you are sure to see a sunnier view.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I am not a trained meteorologists. I do not fully understand the science of predicting foggy weather; I just understand what it is like to have a foggy brain.



9 thoughts on “Foggy Minds – Wise Words Wednesday

  1. Ha, found your blog after so much mind fog obscured the path…last I heard was the library talk yes? I was engaged in NaNo and that, as they say, was the last my brain functioned at a social level…trouble with horror writing that.. Still, foggy minds….I know about this…mine is very cloudy and the trouble may be two fold.

    Hydration…good point…most adults don’t drink anywhere close to the recommended aquatic intake. They tend to count caffeinated things as part of the dose…and yet that is like taking minus two glasses off instead. Diuretics are us type of thing. Bad, very bad…sugary things too don’t count either…osmotic gradients and all that. Of course, nothing wrong with the odd divergence provided the water rolls in on target!

    The other fog cloud banks in through a mindfulness Avalanche. Repetive chore syndrome….forebrain executive function “I’m alive” dips out and leaves you in a default zone running autopilot….things get done without thinking and minds readjust into the edge of deeper issues. I think people forget how to live in the moment. Feel the wind on faces, inhale the scents of nature, breathe and let the chemistry that drives emotions kick in. I think what happens here is minds internalise inwards, often overthinking and recycling….as kids thinking is nearly always externalised and vibrant….often people forget that getting older and before you know where you are the mind needs re-training to get out of itself again….

    Oh…long time no see….hope all is well and please excuse my diatribe 😊

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      1. Lifetime of combating my own wobbling esteem issues…it puts one in touch with reality, or unreality, depending on your perspective !! The hard bit for me is staying in the moment and not drifting off into overthinking default mind zombie mode. That’s when stuff stumbles and motivation crises hit! One thing I must do though is keep in better touch with friends. I count you as one so must apologise for not visiting more 💐 Oh, and Happy New Year 😊

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      2. Happy New Year to you too! You are right about the challenges of fighting the wandering brain symptoms of brain fog. Keeping our thoughts in check definitely combats the foggy outlook.

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      3. Ha, my former therapist kept saying scheduling was key to changing life patterns that kept non-evidenced thinking at bay. Doing, not contemplating and overthinking. Dead easy to say that is!!

        Still, I’ve decided to try that kindness challenge thing again in May and see hat paths it takes me down…rash idea that is 👀

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      4. Gary, the best challenge I have ever participated in and still try to practice is the one from the book 29 Gifts by Camille Walker. It is a terrific way to channel your energy and intents.

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      5. I shall add that to my reading list then! Although last year I did an 8 week mindfulness course alongside CBT. Long overdue that was and whilst on it I did try new things. Part of that duration is what took me out of regular blogging visits…trying to refind myself as it were. This year is about moving that on further..oh, and staying in touch with friends more too 😊

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